Friday, October 28, 2011

If Grown-Ups Were Running the World (Where is the Meta-Prioritizing?) Herod and Khadafy: Twin Sons of Different Mothers? Redux tu

Is anyone else freaked out about the murderous "death" of Muamar Khadafy Moammar Kadafi  ?

 Earthquakes. Hurricanes, TORNADOES. Bombs.
The Japanese disaster of "biblical porportions',
as Glen Ifill called it just now on Washington Week,
should give the humans "running things" a  real chance to show where we are in our Human Development.
That is, by now, here in the enlightened age
 of the two thousand and teens?
...when we are GLUTTED with Wise men all the
Pulitzer Prize Winners running around,
full of Enlightened Opinions, when we have magical technology
and unequalled access to one another; when we can Whip Up a City to host the Olympics, making in spectacular manner the Great Altar to the $port god$, --spare no cost!-if it isn't LOOTED out by then...-surely we are thinking ahead, taking care of everything. Surely our leaders are able to think ahead, help out, prioritize, figure it out, make it happen.
So, in dealing with for example,
1. bombing libya

King Herod

Moammar Kadafi  - Colonel

2. reaction to
 radiation possibilities e.g. worst case scenario:
are the Countries all done preparing the lead or concrete etc sarcophagus sarcophagi that Japan will need in a few days if things go south? 

3. Salt from Japan--
surely Our Leaders are thinking, "what is the larger view?"
"hmmm.. Let'see, OK, in another few days this land or that water; these goods, those structures will be no good due to radiation. so, lets harvest what we can before it is wasted. let's move, keeping ahead of the worst case or any case,  consequences... "Yes?"
i don't see any evidence of competent long term planning with swift intervention when needed..
if media is evidence,
 the answer is no.
The Media, however, surely are running the show. Give us a human interest story about the Fukushima 50 to make us cry,
 give us their tweets
but don't report.
Don't report-
your job is To Tease.

TV is the Opiate of the Masses.

On a global level, where is the cooperation? If you say, even with a red face, it's suppose to be the United Nations, one bursts into
Laughter that ends in Anger.
 this is the gathering of good men?, the Best, those driven by peace, even self sacrificial men, this is the non-corrupt group, the one that will punish others for being corrupt!-- this is the best, our brightest men and a coupla women in power could come up with?
Don't get me started on the UN.
If one's job was to write a rousing piece about the Glorious United Nations--(you know, insert music from decades ago, that lovely uplifting music that signified a Modern Good United Group that would not allow any bad things to go unaddressed- Swift justice for the Offending Nation: Yay! The U.N.! ----)
See how crazy that sounds! The laughter that ends in Anger.

There is no Meta Prioritizing happening. Where is the Meta Organizing!?

Herod and Kadafy- twin sons of different mothers?

Libya, similarly problematic.
 The time is over, are you KIDDING?
What good is movement to "save the people" after the slaughter? Fucryin out loud.
it is no longer an uprising it has become a civil war. who knows where the violence we now inflict will end?

David Brooks PBS NewsHour acted almost mildly surprised that America used to be country taking the lead and now we are not taking the lead. I think bush did that. Did Brooks forget what the current president ran on? we allow our leaders to do what we want them to do or we don't. Give Voice much to your leaders? Rangel and Brownback, did they get your thanks regarding Darfur? Where?
Everyone who is even partially a reporter wonders, why so late on libya, it might have been better, like, um if we moved during the people's uprising? even a peaceful intervention then might have worked.  I'm no military expert or humanitarian prize winner but,

Things change, things remain the same.

by the way,
A womans body is worth less than a dead rat/

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Are you your brother's Keeper?
 when we don't intervene on individual levels,
 due to uneasy ambivalence re privacy and walls; the same is manifested when as groups
 we allow a madman
to mow down a bunch of humans because they are
HIS people in HIS country- YiKes! His?
(If his name was Jared Lee Loughner he would have been stopped by now---


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