Saturday, October 29, 2011

K-State Homecoming Football with Oklahoma (Radio boys need nursing?)

'Missouri is like a crazy girlfriend who breaks up with you but then won't leave'-- a funny metaphor used on the radio show today before KSU Oklahoma football. Of course, they had to take it further, into Vulgarland, twist a little sleaze into it and say something to spank Missouri: 'yeah, she's nuts, like, get off the bar and put your top back on..' ----Yikes. 
 On the radio show (v. Texas tech) the radio guest made an extremely vulgar metaphor that 'you might be glad at the return of your ex wife
 if you find she has had "a boob job" (HERE)

Basically i am thinking these boys either had the best or the worst time of their life during
the oral phase of development...

and re: ex wives and crazy ex girlfriends; either sport radio guys tend to select crazy women to date
their devotion to sports is too strong a love for any woman to overcome...

Being too poor to enjoy football tickets at the moment,
here we are at the Clarion and Paddy O'Quigley's for the game. The joint is filling up as the tailgates have trailed off....

Here we go!

It looks like his foot was out before holding the ball over the end zone. Yep. Call it back.
You know who taught everyone to pass the ball over the end zone like that? Getting the touchdown while your body is flying out of bounds?
It was Mike Alstott and then teamates john lynch and warrick dunn
of the tampa bay bucs (started under sam wysch or only later under tony dungee i don't remember.

Mike Alstott was a powertrain, unstoppable, and when he couldn't churn on in he found other ways to get that ball to break the plane.

Dagnabbit. Oklahoma TD.
OK, let's get going.

A NICE field goal. I shall order the ceam cheese stuffed bread-crumbed jalepenos with spicy raspberry sauce for dipping. Perfect with my patron margaaruta
 I totally called a turnover on this set of downs.

Ok halftime.
I just want to say, about Coach Snyder,  There is a reason they call him the King of Kansas.

The smart, attentive, lovely waitress (Kaitlin) has presented me with a hot mug of coffee with Baily's Irish Cream. Ta.

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