Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gibson Les Paul: Time to get a Guitar

'Yes it was just about 60 years ago that the first song was recorded using a multi-track recording technique. What was it you might ask? "How High the Moon by Les Paul".' theresa knows these things...

 I think i need to start playing guitar again.
50th anniversary 1959 les paul gibson out of production i think
Why do we stop doing the things we love? Ok, Some things because the knees begin to hurt. Adios, rock climbing. But knees would be one weird reason to not get a guitar and star bending those strings again....

here's somsin purdy

Oh Man check THESE out


  1. did you put this up just for me? and My Sunburst LP..? we can jam if i ever get moved...
    And thew question WHY do we quit doing what we love.... i can answer that...

  2. did you know the thugs in charge of washington raided les paul and stole their product? see for yourself here:
    and here:

    1. You can see the deatils about the wood forest at this blog

    2. What happened to Gibsonlespaul was CRIMINAL. Our government is now run by thugs. If you are not on their side you are targeted.

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