Monday, October 17, 2011

Riding a Band of Horses to Peggy Funk's Funeral

Goodbye, Peggy Funk. Goodbye, Good Dog.

 Peggy Funk Memorial Sunset in Paxico click to enlarge

Beautiful Kansas Prairie Woman Peggy Funk passed away this weekend.
Sadly, stunningly, it appears that the proximate cause
 may be simply Not Good medical care.
Like, doctor(s) who will not PAY ATTENTION
 to the patient and their wisdom of their OWN BODIES.

I guess there are many ultimate causes/routes and odd paths to paradise.
Will post when i find out more.
Som pictures of Peggy from last fall below and at end of post.

Last October 2010--
a party was had on deep creek road. after, at my house, some pics were taken; there was a strange formation in the sky. This is the last time Peggy was near Manhattan, i guess.

(Odd Path to Paradise)

band of horses funeral
I'm coming up only to hold you under I'm coming up only to show you wrong And to know you is hard; we wonder To know you all wrong; we warn. Really too late to call, So we wait for morning to wake you That's all we got And to know me as hardly golden Is to know me all wrong, they warn. At every occasion, I'll be ready for the funeral At every occasion, once more, is called the funeral Every occasion, know I'm ready for the funeral At every occasion, oh, one million day funeral I'm coming up only to show you down, For I'm coming up only to show you wrong.
 To the outside: the dead leaves, they're on the lawn For they don't have trees to hang their own.     Death      life and Death     Death and Life

Godspeed Peggy.

The work is over. My tiny Thank You for tending the Prairie and the Flint Hills.

more here

perspective changes everything

 Peggy Just got Freed up!

Patti smith horses Birdland

His father died and left him a little farm in New England. All the long black funeral cars left the scene And the boy was just standing there alone Looking at the shiny red tractor  Him and his daddy used to sit inside  And circle the blue fields and grease the night.  It was if someone had spread butter on all the fine points of the stars  'Cause when he looked up they started to slip.  Then he put his head in the crux of his arm  And he started to drift, drift to the belly of a ship,
Let the ship slide open, and he went inside of it  And saw his daddy 'hind the control board streamin' beads of light, He saw his daddy 'hind the control board, 
And he was very different tonight....
patti smith Horses.

...Oh, I couldn't hear them before, but I hear 'em now,
It's a radar scope in all silver and all platinum lights
Moving in like black ships, they were moving in, streams of them,
And he put up his hands and he said, It's me, it's me,
I'll give you my eyes, take me up, oh now please take me up,
I'm helium raven waitin' for you, please take me up,
Don't leave me here! The son, the sign, the cross,
Like the shape of a tortured woman, the true shape of a tortured woman,
The mother standing in the doorway letting her sons
No longer presidents but prophets
They're all dreaming they're gonna bear the prophet,
He's gonna run through the fields dreaming in animation
It's all gonna split his skull It's gonna come out like a black bouquet shining
Like a fist that's gonna shoot them up
Like light, like Mohammed Boxer Take them up up up up up up  Oh, let's go up, up, take me up, I'll go up,

Well, there was sand, there were tiles,

The sun had melted the sand and it coagulated
Like a river of glass
When it hardened he looked at the surface
He saw his face
And where there were eyes were just two white opals, two white opals,
Where there were eyes there were just two white opals
And he looked up and the rays shot
And he saw raven comin' in
And he crawled on his back and he went up
Up up up up up up
 click on pictures to enlarge.

take me home.

two pics from tammy s:

Memorial service in paxico next week-- November 17th?
no, saturday night.


  1. "Hey, I ain't never coming
    Hey, I'll just wander my
    Own road
    Hey, I can't meet you here tomorrow
    Say goodbye don't follow
    Misery so hollow

    Hey you, you're livin'
    Life full throttle
    Hey you, pass me down that
    Bottle, yeah
    Hey you, you can't shake
    Me round now
    I get so lost and don't
    Know how
    And it hurts to care, so I won't now

    Forgot my woman, lost my
    Things I'd done and where
    I've been
    Sleep in sweat the mirrors
    See my face it's growin'
    Scared to death no reason
    Do whatever to get me by
    Think about the things I
    Read the page it's cold
    And dead

    Take me home ..."

  2. a song from- "Jar Of Flies"
    touches my heart way deep
    3 legged dog is fine too...