Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shabby Clothes Make the Woman

Every dry cleaners I go to seems to want me to Sign a Waiver that my clothes were
 already in “that” condition. 
They wonder why i want something cleaned when the seams are coming apart,
there are burn holes and tears, the elbows are worn away...
It’s not because I’m thrifty—I see my sisters laughing—If I find a shirt I like at target I’ll buy 6 of them- 1 in each color and two in black.
But the things we love
that make us feel good
make us look good we wear. we wear,
we wear until we wear to threadbare.
Do we wear each other out as well?
The people we love, who make us feel good--
who feel nice to bring on-
do we wear them out as well?

I'm going to wear my shabby clothes to my most important meetings.
I will good-naturedly cite my salary needs if anyone dares make a comment.

Thought: Why should we have "nice" clothing?
Why should CEOs and college presidents
and starbucks managers and basketball coaches have perfect beautiful clothing?
 Let alone the ministers the rabbis and priests. (while so many are naked, covered only in flies?)
The again, why are we watering the lawns
outside the administration building while people are thirsty?
A theory of evolution
might suggest that we who are the strongest and able to make/get/produce these things should have them,
Thin the Herd,
baby, every little human body is only
 a piece of  flotsam and jetsam;
 if no silly flimsy thing like a "soul" is there, who cares?
 If we are molecular collections of meaningless life, take the best, forget the rest.
That is why a journalist does not" interfere" with what is happening as he takes his pulitzer-award winning photos?
The non-interference clause?

If Jesus Comes Back on the Day that i am wearing my expensive earrings and the best leather shoes (i will not tell how much i spent )
-- if i am draped in material goods that are not torn, worn, frayed, and shabby,

OMG will i be totally embarrassed.

Pick one:
a student sent me this today and begged me to watch it.

 (see how we beg for each other's precious time.)


Real value:   (warning explicit)

 you can watch the Icy Bling Bling!
but here is the real meaning of life? (explicit)

I'm glad i'm not a yout.
How will they make it through the first 20 years?

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