Monday, July 4, 2011

Bald Eagles in Kansas: Feeding and Love versus Soulless Survival of the Fittest

Speaking of WWII, today a Beautiful Bald Eagle hung out in the Eagle Tree. (Video of the eagle tree HERE)

While i have several posts with bald eagles, 
(best pics and vid HERE)
This one
 is special; tell you why when i get back to a board. Just needed to post these pics now, along with two buddies i met along the day...

more beautiful pics of this tree with January 2014 eagle HERE

here is the story.
Driving into town; spot the eagle in the Eagle Tree.
Stop and get some pics.
Further in,Yikes!  a newly dead squirrel in the road.
Do what anyone would do:
on the trip back take the squirrel to the eagle. Lay it at the perimeter of the Eagle Tree, Eagle still aperch.
 Less than a half hour later, both the squirrel and the Eagle are gone.
Is it right to feed an eagle?
Is it right to scare a lion away from a struggling cheetah baby?
Is it right to help a penguin get back home?
Is it right to help a starving african child when a vulture sits nearby, needing dinner?

click to enlarge posters
i was driving on campus --and
Yikes! right in the road:  a bluejay was trying to fly off with a baby sparrow, who was trying to fly away. The mom sparrow was trying to lure baby into some bushes.
A male cardinal and a robin were attacking the bluejay, to little avail.
I threw on the truck's emergency brake, jumped out and was approaching the bluejay who looked at me like, "this does not concern you"--
Uutil i practically touched him, he did not let go of the baby sparrow, whose head was in his beak.
As he flew a tiny bit away, the two other birds kept attacking him until he flew off. the mother coaxed the baby to fly sort of into the bushes and then-
She Came Back to offer take a Thorn Out of my Paw.

I went to the Union to an event going on, related my story, and the Queen of Nonviolence said, "not your best Jane Goodall Moment, eh?"
I said,

Since humans are part of the scene, we can do what humans do. That is, we are part of the natural world. Some birds may even say, "dude, let's go live where the humans live, they jump in and save us if we are cute  (translation) enough.

So when the photographer takes a pic of a starving baby, is the baby thinking," YAY! a human who can still walk! i'm saved! and the vulture says, "Yay!it's a journalist...

story click HERE

So survival of the fittest--does LOVE figure in? How about the skills of the human?

Met these two fine dogies:
Big pics of them HERE
Finest little Tucker and Chloe

hilarious! this pic is life size.


  1. do you take the pictures yourself? they're amazing

  2. Yes, i love Canon cameras. thank you. your blog looks very interesting to me...