Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life in the Yard: Dry Hot Kansas is Still Green, Blue, Yellow

Can't Complain. It was average 108 degrees this week, plus the "feels like" index (which should be personal to each individual). My own heat index registered it  feeling like 129 degrees.

I am reading, trying not to weed the garden, ignoring pets' offers for walk, and offering thanks for air conditioning. honestly. while lying about,
I watched Topaz, movie re: Cuba/US /Russia/Spy-- and realized whoever conceived of Mad Men must have watched this movie first.
Sharing below-
Various lives in the yard, including a red-tailed hawk, a daddy longlegs cluster (?) - a hunourmous brown recluse in the tub, a flock of geese flying south? baby bluebirds, along with other sweet animal and plant life.
pics are large files- so click to view well. i use a variety of cameras, mostly Canon, and most pics are untouched (other than i reduce size) unless i decide to make posters (obvious) with them, like the bank of sunflowers below or the stunning feathers of juvenile birds at bottom....

more raptors here

 butterflies in kansas click here

 brown recluse bites: more HERE

 Sunflowers and life in the yard HERE

 July 29,2011. more wild storm HERE. the video got over 30,000 hits.
also, the crazy cloud at ksu football game that got world attention: HERE

 more birds all over the blog, including HERE

 awesome spider web HERE
 short Luna vid click HERE
 hawk moth here and sphinx moth HERE

sweet red chili pepper HERE

blue poster

more flint hills HERE

here was the beginning of clouds:
(click on the youtube sign to view larger)

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