Saturday, September 25, 2010

Football and Clouds in K-State's Manhattan's Bill Snyder Stadium: Brief Reprieve for Central Florida?

Updated: These pictures were taken driving into manhattan from the east. --my pics are from highway 177 and The View From Willie's Sports Bar and Grill:   (Video Below.)
Click pics to see enlarged.
(The first three pics are from KMBC and next three pics were just added from WIBW viewers and will not enlarge)

K-State v Central Florida v Clouds: Clouds Win
K-State Football Stadium and Thunderclouds

Bill Snyder Family Stadium and the End of the World

Clouds in Kansas

how'd ya like to be here!

The view from Willies's toward the stadium during the game delay

Unretouched sky over Manhattan During K-State Central Florida Game
Sky over Bill Snyder Family Staduim

Sky over manhattan arriving in town

Entering Manhattan

panorama of manhattan kansas in a nutshell click to enlarge
driving to the game

K-State Game Day Clouds

Game Day Driving into Manhattan

Video link:

Here's one more:

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