Monday, September 13, 2010

A Cuppa joe (a forgetful sociopath?)

I found a pair of sunglasses,
deep maroon,
totally phat. 60.00$ -but now on sale.
$2.75 at Dillard’s. Very cool –Strolling around Dillard’s,
 got sidetracked at the perfume counter. We tried some stuff, the
salesgirls marketing associates were fun— Dillard’s can be fun on sales days.

It’s a week later,

Today I’m driving into town and think of grabbing my
Old black sunglasses
out of the back cab and suddenly,
I remember, Sweet- new sunglasses--
Oh Yeah, baby,
 I’m gonna be totally styli—wait,
 the new sleek red ones.
Where were they?
hmm- oh yeah.
I’d left the glasses on the perfume counter. Never bought ‘em

Well ding dang _insert Ned Flanders here_ fiddledeedee
So here’s the questions.

How was that information, that pathway of memory, retrieved?

  __Uh, Through the set of neurons (electricity)__

Who or what started the retrieval process?

Personality spirit mindless genetic programming, spaceship controls on Mars,

Are some folks better or worse at this retrieval process?

What materials gets saved? Why some not others?

__the stuff that’s pertinent to that individual_

Who IS the individual?

How does s/he learn things?

How are 1) learning, 20 knowing, and 3) acting (or behaving) connected?

What allows an individual to know and learn but choose (or accidentally) to act in apparent detriment to self and others anyway?

I forgot my sunglasses –Do sociopaths forget to have kindness, is it a foreign and stupid concept? Why treat others with respect and dignity? Do they forget it is against the law to rape, force, bully? (OR IS IT A CHOICE- WHO IS DOING THE CHOOSING?)
who is in the brain?
What did they Learn as impressionable young neuron collections?
What did they Know based on early life, biology, surroundings, planetary vibes, genes, tvprogramming, internal psychic states, their will and the will of those around them?

What determines behavior?

What is Moral Choice?

Who is it that is making the Choice?
WHat is in you that is NOT in you when you are dead?
I haven’t had coffee yet-
Lemme go grabacuppa joe and then we'll

don't believe anything you hear and most of what you see.

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