Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mary's Be a Gooddog Blog Greatest Hits.

My first week of creating Mary's Be a Gooddog Blog is HERE.
it was
 a little over 2 years ago; Today i will note one half million views, if it didn't already happen last night.
last month i had around 50,000 views. That is, the number of people visiting is growing like a sweet little calculus curve i once knew. yippee kiyiyay.

One balances the issue of selfishness, violence, stealing, betrayal, spiritual putrefaction, the stunting of humanity, the Blindness to the Mystical Sacredness of Life--

art from the Strecker-Nelson Gallery
is what i'd like to be doing...
the Mystical Sacredness of Life
Every Living Creature
Animal Companions
Every Rock that is a mystery.
That which is unseen.
Family Bonds and the
Individual spirit

in the end.

I am coming back here later to celebrate today by putting some links to my favorite Posts --
after "the game". the Diversion, time semisquander. caloric tranformation, social participation

click to view large

andrea rausch more here

For example,
Choosing Vanity   or   Sacrifice;

Pondering   Death   and    Life

The story of healing from the assault of a serial rapist in manhattan
and passing along
The history of  GOOD  and  EVIL

animal Art.
daily drive.
Music. and Rockin Music. and Heavy music
maybe least, my own political etc. views! like HERE and HERE
teaching about the sociopth is as important as politically incorrect silliness

Jared Loughner, Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick

Pretty Dogs and Funny Cats.


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