Thursday, July 1, 2010

Horses in Kansas, Morning Beauties and The Daily Commute in the Land of Oz

The Land of  Ahhhs.
kansas is a well-kept secret of beauty.
I live in the Flint Hills; just east are the Osage Questas.
Surrounding is The Konza Prairie, The Tallgrass Prairie, untouched by machinery, the home of the People of the Wind, The kansa, the Kaw, I love it.
Here are some of my daily commute views. 
Kansas Morning commute II HERE
click pic to enlarge
The White Star Club
Horses on the Konza Prairie mtodd

Morning Beauties mtodd

When I commuted in Denver,  
the view of the mountains was a constant Brontosaurus-sized presence of Air and Snow and Flowers and Eagles' nests and Possiblities.

Cattle on the Konza Commute mtodd

When one commutes in D.C., one observes the elevated stress, anger, and fear in other drivers. One must allow for an extra hour in the commute because if the Bad Happens, cars sit or inch along with No Way Out. My nails were never as well-filed as when i lived in washington. Once inside the donut (of the beltway) one will see on the side of the street steaming piles of ashtray contents, dirty diapers, food refuse, and other assorted toss-outs [because honestly, you cannot expect a car with Real Wood dashboard inserts to house nasty butts any longer than neccessary, would you? Throwing a dirty diaper out on the road just provides a job for someone, right? leftover food odors might mingle inappropriately with the leather interior; clearly not acceptable...)

Cows We Love mtodd

Good Morning, Everyone mtodd

When one commutes in Tampa, one will see the battling forces of politics and the losing battle of human skin versus the sun. A law was passed in the 90's to ban Roadside Hot-dog Vendors from wearing (only) a g-string. So naturally, it must be discovered just how close to G the law might be pushed...  [never have i read the words "pubic hair" so frequently in a major newspaper as during the battle over how to sell hotdogs without causing car crashes...]  
One observes that on every corner is a tanning booth, a nail salon, and a Hair Studio. The Men have perms and highlights in their hair, and must frequently have buttock fur removed since g-strings are allowable on the beaches and surrounding shops. One sees 75-year-old men who have retired to the florida beaches some time ago, now very brown and wrinkled, each looking like a Wheatie with Rice Krispie hair.
Except they are actually only 46 years-old, having made an early fortune in flipping houses...They think offering you cocaine is a guarantee of getting a date. (see final two pics below)

mmmm tasty!

Horses in kansas

Catching a Thermal
Wind in Kansas
a snake in the road: sorry to put so close to the horses...
snake tongue:
SNake ToNgue by mtodd

reptiles of kanssas: pics

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