Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweetest Fridays and Service Dogs: Finest White Lab

We love service dogs at the K-State Women's Center. Our water bowl is shaped like a big bone.
Thanks to all the Good Dogs-- Here is Ansel III, a Very Good Dog. Luckily, he came with his best friend, Deb, to visit while the cameras were rolling...

Ansel III  and -- He has his own Blog!!
This Blog is fun to read. With these writing skills, he should be a tutor dog...

What a face!  click to enlarge Fineness.

Service Dog Ansel III

Uh, somesin to chew on?

Service Dog

concern is my middle name

Fine White Lab

Great admiration for all who work with these dogs, fall in love
then-- must Part With Them!

Here. I offer you my best beefsteak tomato.

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