Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweetest Fridays: Basketball Heroes Rearranging DeckChairs on the Titanic

LeBron James is now upstaged.
JLo replaces Ellen.
 I  had a giggle when the reporters today were all a GaGa over the WEDDING. Bill Clinton, last year, told the group of bigwhigs in his BigMoney Club that we here in U.S. live lifestyles so rich and opulent it was grotesque.
 I guess it it hard not to spoil yer little girl with a $3 million $ wedding.

The media are a bunch of confused or sold out jellocakes.
One real story a month,
and back to the Sewamp. !!!
From the PUndit:

Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson- Whose baby is it, anyway?
Mickey's eyes are tellin a story- yikes!

Oh, those congo boys.

Sweetest Kitkat

cheer up girlfriend.
 listen to this:

or smaller venue
or way earlier version live:

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