Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Everything is growing like crazy.

The Crazy Heat is only beaten by the humidity--that is,
 it  IS  97  degrees, but the sticky honeysalty
buttefly/dragonfly/mosquito-attracting sweat that springs 
 instantly from every pore when one is outside is what keeps me from taking care of business in the garden.
I find it hard to weed when drenched in sweat. I am a spoiled gardener.

Add 10 inches of rain in the past month and you have

 A Jungle. Sunflowers and Corn.
This pic was 10 days ago and now everything is significantly taller, bushier, and in full bloom. I will get some pics this evening and tomorrow you will see the amazing difference 10 days make!

The sunflowers attract birds and bees and wasps and other goodlings
who eat all the little things
that want to eat the plums.
Yes! Plums!
26 plums. First year the pretty little tree produced, and very very good.
This is the first year in 10
that i have not made an enourmous tomato, pepper and onion patch for salsa.
Just a few plants; so selling the freezer- ziploc- baggies- full- of YellowPearyFire- salsa for- 5- bucks Days are over at least for this year. Can i interest you in a sunflower?
The furthest-out ring of sunflowers around the back yard is composed of 15-20 feet high "Skyscraper" and Greystripe variety. Their stalks are from 2 inches to 5 inches wide!
 i intend to leave the stalks up in a nice arc around the back and plant SweetPeas to climb up the stalks next spring.
i have a fantasy to Weave Something throughout the denuded stalks and create a massive Christo-like panel of material.

The heads are HUGE and the east side market does buy them. They make a nice Hostess Gift as well. Pics tomorrow.

Here is a painting from my inkwash/drawing days
-- which i photographed today and it made me think of my yard:
it was painted over 20 years ago; how fun to photoshop it now. It was originally part of a threesome--one of which was lost in the Volcano/Earthquake in the Philippines some years ago. yes, my sweaty little weeding life is hard!
Growth Restored by mtodd

Growth Poster version
Growth Restoration
Originally 18x24 ish.
Click to enlarge!

Mary's Sunflowers  by mtodd

yellow sunflower

taken with  my old Canon powershot which i loved:

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