Sunday, June 5, 2011

stealing blogs copyright violations lifting hundreds of posts blogger theft are you listening google?

well it happened again. i was looking for something on my blog and could not remember where it was. very rare-- so i googled it. and lo and behold, it came up on google under another "blog"--not mine. when i went there, there were dozens if not hundreds of MY POSTS lifte in their entirety, along with a hundred or so posts from another blog.
the first time this happened, see HERE:

it made me mad and discouraged. plus, it does not seem that google takes down these OBVIOUSLY criminal sites.

this time, "woman clothes" also seems to be preparing more blogs under her "sites i manage"
: one called "tattoo tattoos of tattooes"- which as of now has no content. simple ploys to get hits and then put on adsense words.

i guess it may be time to find another forum. all things change.
although i found this in july 2011 i am going to back  post it near the second mention of  lessos blog exposure.

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