Sunday, June 5, 2011

NBA Finals in Dallas with the Heat: Political Correctness, Big Baggy Shorts, and Popeye's Chicken

  • Basketball pregame clips of Michael Jordan make me happy. Part of the reason i celebrate St. Patrick's  Day is-- that is The Day Mike Returned to Basketball after a brave and brief foray into baseball. Live your dreams.
  • I  like the old clips also because the men did not wear culottes, gaucho pants, baggy skirt shorts, or housin tents instead of basketball shorts.
  •  Jimmy Kimmel had a pretty funny pregame show. If it is posted later i will link HERE. Mike tyson impersonator was really good but needs to be given better material...
  • leBron james with Jimmy Kimmel
  • at the espys in 2007
     Photo F. M. Brown/Getty Images
  • Whether it is heart and soul-- or pride and talent, the intense ending to the second game gives those of us who are under 6 feet tall, female, and past the sport prime, a surge of excitement for this third game. There was a great bar and grill in Tampa I'd like to be watching from, Putters, or better yet at a Little Joint on McKinney avenue in Dallas, where the sour cream is heated to the point of breaking down on top of the sweet red bean and jalapeno nachos...
  • The opening of the show is the metaphor for cultural factors discussed a lot in the past generation. The men are called by name, enter to great fanfare, and show their talent in the arena of powerful competition for huge rewards.
  • The women entered wearing tiny strips of cloth accentuating their bosoms and private parts, spent a lot of time bent over shaking their rumps, and made themselves visually sexually available to any and all who were so inclined.
  • Boys think and plan while the girls look seductive-
  • I was struck by the opening ads. There is a lot of pressure to curb free speech and free marketing in order to ensure the health of the population whether they want it or not.
Popeye's chicken advertised hot fried chicken, potatoes and drinks with "pure cane sugar"--when i lived in DC i was near a Popeye's, seriously addictive fried chicken if you had to have fast food. (Go to KC Stroud's for the real thing)

McDonald's Hamburgers advertised Real fruit smoothies with pictures of berries and frothiness.

  • Another ad: Just do it. Nike showing surfers, skateboarders, waves getting ridden, buildings being jumped over. One shot of a girl YAY A GIRL um oh. she was in a white thongy bikini wiggling her butt on her sufrboard. she is like smurfette. her job is to be the girl. KM

  • Miami has taken a quick early lead.  Time to go get Food Ready. An important part of any event. Parts in order of importance:
    • the actual sporting event, like today's EXCELLENT tennis match!
    • the company  (sometimes, like with today's Excellent tennis match, Just Yourself)
    • THE FOOD  (can you say berries and cream?)
    • do not forget the NOT weeding the garden and Not cleaning the porch.
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