Sunday, November 21, 2010

American Music Awards 2010, Rihanna's Opening, Diddy Dirty Money and My Cultural Education

Testicle Cleavage? Oh, if the roles were reversed...
If the goal was to allow the viewer to experience a virtual sexual encounter with Rihanna, the Opening of the American Music Awards succeeded. Although she is not a smooth or in any way extraordinary dancer, her very pretty body and her beautiful face, combined with almost no clothing and extremely vulgar (vulgar only for televised viewing--perfectly fine behavior for personal sexual intercourse with her husband ) moves simulating coitus drove the audience wild with appreciation and the tweeters professing instant love for her.

Usher won at Alicia keys' expense;
Now is Miley Cyrus'
attempt at pretending to be a grown up and a singer. My ears are begging my brain, STOP-HELP-RUN AWAY -the pets are howling to be let out.
I had a fudgesicle and feel better.

OK, P. Diddy is now --  Diddy Dirty Money.
You di'nt.
Yo, fo real?

There is a fascinating film documenting leopards with super high def up close infrared camerawork on PBS.
Here i go,

 freakin diddydirtymoney

Back. The Black Eyed Peas are Rippin it Up!
unlike during rihannas performance, the dancers during Black Eyed Peas are giving off a spontaneously relaxed frenetic fun time vibration, probably as they are NOT trying to have sex and dance at the same time. although, that is surely a good technique in the proper context...
i think the american music awards are trying to raunchitup this year.

maybe one more fudgesicle...

OK just came back to AMA and found 6 women's spread buttocks in my face.
 granted, the song is called Burlesque.
over and over, a bunch of mediocre "dancers" are just
in as little underwear as the media/station/censors allow; simulating sexual activity.
Pardon my boredom
and indignation as the years go by and we reap what we sow.
SHUT UP about PREteen pregnancy.
Shut up about all the diseases among our chilldren.
Shut Up! about the selfish undisciplined adults WE are Teaching to be that way.
as the generations pass, again and again,
the boys are portrayed playing football and baseball, building houses, designing cities,
and the girls are wearing pommpomms and taking clothing off.

the roles reversed.
No, REALLY -- imagine it.
would there be Testicle Cleaveage? Can one "wrap" a penis in sheer tape and be sufficiently covered for the nutworks?
more on this later...

there was one blue smurf who was called
every other smurf had a job or work or role worked into their name; (docsmurf) the one female was called, smurfette. Her job was to be a female....

lady gaga and patriarchy HERE

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