Monday, November 1, 2010

Baseball's Tim Lincecum and the World Series

Scorcher Video HERE. As the Giants and the Rangers shoot-it out-For some reason, i'm finding that for myself, and others around me, The World Series is interesting this year. other programming is less important, the game is calling.
 Ever since The Strike, for me, with a few short exceptions, i seemed to move on, like after tony and mike and john and warrick left the TB bucs. Johnathan Yardly's [there's baseball and there's the void] was no longer true. then enhancement drugs and lies. and cocainyhollywoody implants testimony testicleshrinkage tell all books Oh let's watch the Natural one more time.
here is Tim Lincecum:
Tim Lincecum of San Francisco Giants

Update: the scorcher throw from third to first by Tim L was the most adrenaline-producing play of the game. (the fine pitching made these types of plays rare. wish i could find the vid of this play)

embarrassingly, more HERE

-there's a guy who goes by Holton Hall
who looks just like tim-


Jonathan Yardley says there are only two seasons: Baseball Season and The Void.

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