Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who Is Charge of Carnage in this Town?

Is it OK to call city offices at 8 am to ask that question?
Who takes care of the carnage around here?

I want a deer, (beautiful in death, young, tender, must have been quick blunt force)
lying in the grass just by the bridge on the way into town.
I saw it too late to stop.
I wonder if i could have lifted it--
but it was small.
If i put it in the Fields, my guess is that

 The Two bald eagles would come.

It is really quite a catch. or lift, as it may be.
I joke in order
not to think
of the moment of death.

Today i am going to quickly let the thoughts of That Other moment
--the thing i bet You thought the carnage title was "about"--

today i will let those thoughts move quickly through the basket, no notice at all...

it's 8:05.

Here we go.

Deer in life MORE HERE
and death here

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