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deep thoughts

The Story of Stumpy Golden Eyes

What does it mean to be wild? What does it mean to be free...
 one can see there is something...some warm light, some comfort over there?
Let me tell you the story of Stumpy GoldenEyes,

 who fathered most of the kittens in a mile or two or three (or seven?) radius of a little hamlet in the Flint Hills of Kansas....

The Land of Stumpy Golden Eyes

There was a cat,
fluffy and wearing a black and white tuxedo. He was here before me, in the grasslands and prairie and hills and farmland. He ranged the miles around my little farmhouse, going here and there as he pleased. My guess is he sired many many of the ferals and not-feral cats in the area. I think I own one of his kits.
He did not come close enough for me to get a real good look at him. But I would see him pass by
 and he would see me see him.

As the years passed
he might have tangled with my big marmalade boy. He might have flirted with my Konza Prairie Dog. You never know what goes on behind the cloak of night. (Except that in Catland, some things do go on….)

Then something happened, which changed me and elevated my spirit through pain.
Stumpy, who had naught but a 2 inch stump of a tail, (the rest of which was most probably lost in a farming accident or wildlife encounter) began to come close to the house and sit. I got out my zoom camera and discovered the magnificent Golden Eyes which were deep as the river and bright as the prairie.

Stumpy Golden Eyes! I love you! Come let me meet you!

As he came closer each day that week, I got a better picture.

My heart sank.
 He was covered in big fatted ticks.
 His black and white long hair was missing in patches. Oh StumpyGoldenEyes I want to comfort you.
I asked the old farmer across the way,
who said Stumpy had always seemed to have been around. He didn't know how old he was, but certainly more than 10 or 15 years. All the kittens in the area were black and white. He was only seen from a distance. He did not linger but was like a shadow.

No one had ever touched Stumpy. He did not come to eat or drink or sleep on the big hay bales.

He walked alone.

I put out premium nourishment for this elder feline of the flint hills.
 I went and sat a respectful distance away; he came! He ate! He drank! And he came every day. By the end of the week he allowed me to sit within feet. I put out my concealed cat carrier near the food.
I touched him; his scabied, parasite-attacked body shivered and shrank.
 The next day he allowed me to lift him, ease him into the carrier.

I took him to our shelter, a warm country place with a huge grassy yard surrounded by tall trees. I told them the story. They saw his pain and dis-ease. They said, he could never be adopted. He is old and worn out. He is wild and fierce.

I asked them to clean him, to make him feel good, and they did. They took all the critters off of his noble body and made his skin and fur soft and supple. They fed him good things and he was at ease—for four days. I went each day and was able to pet him and give him company. And then his good humor wore off.

“Where are my flint hills? Where is the sky? I am Wild Cat!”

They told me, he should be put down now. He has few teeth, and is unable to eat well, especially in the wild.
He had been starving.
 ...He came to you because he needed help to go, they said.
He had come to me to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge.

He had come to find the warmth, to help him ease out of this tight broken shell into his new life!
I wept at the honor.
The shelter woman and I wept. We were not in a hurry and we held each other for a moment.
I asked her for a favor.
 I told her
Stumpy had never been inside anything but a barn. Could he please go outside?
Could he have his morphine outside, under his Blue Konza Prairie Skies?

The Wise Wonderful Woman of the shelter stood quietly and her heart and brain battled the Way Things Always Are. She wrestled The Way Things Are Done.
Then she said Yes.
My heart broke with gratitude. I still have a scar.

Stumpy GoldenEyes crossed the Rainbow Bridge out in the breezes of the Flint Hills. Perhaps he saw a mouse in the grass as he passed, or heard a birdsong.

They told me upon post- examination of his gums that he was at least 20 years old, but probably older.
When my number comes in, I am donating to the shelter an outdoor Passage Portal, a bridge and little cottage for those animals who loved or lived in the wild.
And a lifetime supply of Kleenex and chocolate for the shelter women.

Stumpy Golden Eyes of the Thunderpaws Tribe

can you see me?


addendum... all the cats of mine (such as ,  HERE,  and here, here, here, and HERE  are rescues from our shelter.)

the dress

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Nearness of Now. The Imminent Membrane of Reality...The Value of a Soul...again

Touching the Ineffable with our hearts, is what we want to do, i think.

Coming up

upon the glistening red

smear of roadkill pushes me next to that divine edge.

Treat your Senses well.

Your Interface Your Plug-In with one last chance to live an everyday life of grace and love.
Let your brain awaken to its presence on the
razor's edge surf of Divinity.
Humility is a Secret path.

(Putting lipstick on a
Country Girl doesn't make her a
pig or a or a hoe.

pansies and a tomato from the yard

all will be revealed

carry on

The Crucified USA, REDUX

Kings of Leon       

If I could play guitar like this, i would quit my day job for sure.
SEE what i mean LISTEN: HERE


You fault my pride Don't ever need to 'pologize As your lips unfold Shaken purple from the cold
You better learn to crawl You better learn to crawl Before I walk away Before I walk away
You broke my mouth The bloody bits are spitting out Is your grave unscathed The worm is counting down the days He wants to see you crawl  He wants to see you crawl Before I walk away Before I walk away

The reds and the whites and abused
The crucified USA
As their hypocrisy unfolds
Oh hell is truly on its way
As the rat, and the fly They're searching for an alibi
As we await the wrath They never went to Sunday Mass
They want to see us crawl They want to see us crawl
Before they walk away Before they walk away
The reds and the whites and abused The crucified USA
As their hypocrisy unfolds Oh hell is truly on its way

/if-these-are-standards LOCK UP YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERs.html

Here is an ink wash i made 20 years ago--i thnk if i would have had this song to listen to it woud have been much better...

The Fight   click to enlarge.

an altered verison:

The Fight by mtodd

for more of my ink washes,



Elephant Family's Love and Heartache; Sweetest Elephants, filled with the Divine


This video below of an elephant family trying to help a baby that had been hit by a car is deeply moving, and painful to the heart beyond all words.
There are so many videos of elephants that show us their beauty, intelligence, deep emotional lives.

I put this video here to document the love shown by animals. 
Elephants manifest many human and divine qualities.
But, i am almost unable to watch this video. It is heartbreaking and the rest of my day will be heavily impacted.
This is the sort of thing that just has me praying for the day when the Lion will lie down with the Lamb...
(I am trying to warn you.) There are less painful links below about elephants.

"Published on Nov 1, 2014
Film: Heidi HAAS 23.10.2014 16:43 Hwange National Park.
A motorist driving with excessive speed and crashes with a baby elephant.The Elephant family is trying to help the small elephant. But because no help is more than the little elephant had broken legs and the back.
 The little Darling had to be shot to redeem him from the pain.
Please we humans need to protect the animals and there is no way for road races, etc.
Copy rights:"

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

nothing is hidden

There is a Sufi tale of a master who had three disciples. He gave each of them a chicken and told them to go and kill it where no one could see them.

 Two of the disciples came back fairly quickly with a dead chicken. The third did not come back for a long time and when he returned he still had the live chicken in his hands. The master asked him what had happened.
 The disciple answered. “I could not do it master. Everywhere I went the chicken could see.”

The Barnyard click HERE

by R D Coleman

Here is the chicken god sees.

Here, the person holding the chicken god sees.

Here, the world of the chicken and the person god sees.

Here, the driving universe in which exists

                            The world of the man

                                        And the world of the chicken

God sees.

Here are the ten thousand magnanimous universes

God sees,

and In one world of one universe

                         of the ten thousand universes

God sees a chicken held by a man.

That man looks for a place he will not be seen

He searches closets, woods, voids,

corners and cul-de-sacs

For a place to kill this chicken.

And he fails. he knows he is seen;

For his heart,

                          Is also his womb,

                                        Is also his soul.

Here is where life bursts forth;

                                         Where all and everything arise;

Wherein this god is born, this god resides, travels, sees,

And dies.

Jameis Winston Rape Case in Documentary, The Hunting Ground

The woman who accused Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston of sexually assaulting her has gone public with the release of a new documentary.
The movie, titled The Hunting Ground, made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday. TheLos Angeles Times describes the film as a "devastating indictment of the plague of rapes on campuses."

Read More about the crime Here:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

the blind man's favor: a letter.

Things are not always as they seem fact things are rarely as they seem
(At the end of this post
 is a little story called the blind man's favor 
Please, even if you don't enjoy the goofiness of the post read the last story. 
walk humbly but with your eyes open my friends...the story may or may not be a metaphor or hyperbole or synecdoche...or truth?)

Don't Fret,
Who you think you are, Be Really...

was not your Mother the most beautiful woman you ever saw??

What meets the eye in the modern world is illusion: 
 11 million views of this youtube:
take one minute and watch!! 
This shows you how you are tricked:

Goldie Hawn
Cameron Diaz

Whitney Houston
Yiokes! m. Manson

Diana Ross
Don't Fret
Just live your good life have a Beautiful inside,
and don't pay the slightest attention to all the media pressure and consumer culture!
The television is a device to gather on audience for commercials.
Run away!

lisa kudrow
Pam Anderson, Mike Jackson, got nuthin on You!

That's all i'm sayin

Srsly, If you watched the video at the top of this post, you saw the tiniest bit, the tip of the iceberg.
You are being fooled by a lot more than
 vanity-buy product-inducing-media illusion.
Get your interior right!
Find good honorable ways to spend your time,
your Talent!
your treasure.
If you die later today, are you the person you want to be?
What do they say about you at your funeral?

Love and Kisses

anna kournikova
rene zellweger

Bless His Heart
God Rest His Soul

gwen stephani

Yeah, that's much much better.

(Where do you volunteer? Who hurts less in the hard places of life because of you?)
Now is the time. Don't wait--who you think you are, who you want to be, Be really.
Don't fall off the path of normal common sense, intelligence, kindness, compassion, honor, Love.
There are a lot of hooks pulling you off the Road!

Get Smart, Fu'Cryin' Out loud!

rock stars then and now click HERE

things aren't always as they seem!

In Berlin, after World War II, money was short, supplies were tight, and it seemed like everyone was hungry. At that time, people were telling the tale of a young woman who saw a blind man picking his way through a crowd. The two started to talk. The man asked her for a favor: could she deliver the letter to the address on the envelope? Well, it was on her way home, so she agreed. 

She started out to deliver the message, when she turned around to see if there was anything else the blind man needed. But she spotted him hurrying through the crowd without his smoked glasses or white cane. She went to the police, who raided the address on the envelope, where they found heaps of human flesh for sale. 

And what was in the envelope? "This is the last one I am sending you today.