Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Elephant Family's Love and Heartache; Sweetest Elephants, filled with the Divine


This video below of an elephant family trying to help a baby that had been hit by a car is deeply moving, and painful to the heart beyond all words.
There are so many videos of elephants that show us their beauty, intelligence, deep emotional lives.

I put this video here to document the love shown by animals. 
Elephants manifest many human and divine qualities.
But, i am almost unable to watch this video. It is heartbreaking and the rest of my day will be heavily impacted.
This is the sort of thing that just has me praying for the day when the Lion will lie down with the Lamb...
(I am trying to warn you.) There are less painful links below about elephants.

"Published on Nov 1, 2014
Film: Heidi HAAS 23.10.2014 16:43 Hwange National Park.
A motorist driving with excessive speed and crashes with a baby elephant.The Elephant family is trying to help the small elephant. But because no help is more than the little elephant had broken legs and the back.
 The little Darling had to be shot to redeem him from the pain.
Please we humans need to protect the animals and there is no way for road races, etc.
Copy rights:"

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