Monday, December 27, 2010

Secret (Undecoded) Language of Elephants-How Do We End the Slaughter of "Poaching"

Elephants loving, mourning, joking. Lining up to pay last respects. A most touching and bellwether story. If you are not moved to action or interiorly in some way, you are truly made of discarded slaughtered bull lard.-
( a recent very emotional story about
 Echo the matriarch elephant HERE)
HERE IS the 60 minutes Link. excerpt: "For two decades, a group of wild African elephants has been watched over, studied and protected by their own guardian angel: an extraordinary American scientist named Andrea Turkalo.

Turkalo's own story is pretty amazing, but not nearly as compelling as the insights into elephant behavior her research has revealed, especially when it comes to "the secret language of elephants."
Elephants communicate in a complicated, sophisticated language that scientists are trying to decipher and compile into the world's first elephant dictionary. ...this is all happening in one of the most magical places on Earth - a remote clearing in Central Africa where forest elephants, the rarest, most mysterious, and most threatened member of the species congregate..."
  Presented by Bob Simon [60 Minutes]

The Video is
and here embedded below:
BEWARE! there are commercials. yikes!you may be at risk for heart attack and stroke!

The unholy pictures of the slaughter for tusks- beyond words.
Please Here is the Wildlife conservation network

HERE is a link to the Elephant Listening Project

Please, google "slaughter of elephants" and you will learn how pressing the issue is.

baby elephant in grass

elephant baby with globe 
samson and felix elephants

cutest baby elephant

 wide eyed baby elephant
baby elephant Samson

Elephants Love

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an interesting elephant picture and story HERE
some pics from the net framed for printing


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