Thursday, December 9, 2010

Massive Flocks of Geese Migrating Through Kansas 2010

The grey skies were not dull this morning, as, from East to West, as far as they eye and Zoom camera could see, there were strings and V's and trails of geese, gracefully moving in a massive movement.
 (My very BEST migrating geese video click  HERE)
One noticed the beautiful mass just above, then, more and more and into the east until the horizon came.

Here in my back yard is one stopping point.
I have posted a couple films on youtube (below),
and here are some still shots:
plz click on the pic to enlarge

Here are some hunters about a half mile away..with their very real looking and sounding DECOYS

 Migrating geese in Kansas
 Geese in the evening
 Geese in Flight
 A small flock of geese migrating through Kansas

What geese look like at at
at night...
Here is a film which is far far away;
the second is a closer, clearer view. I have a lot of geese films on youtube...

click on video twice to see larger

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