Saturday, December 11, 2010

Paddy O'Quigleys in manhattan has a lot of Giant Televisions to watch Loyola - KState basketball

The visiting K-State fans outnumber those from the home team Loyola, at tip-off, whether due to Pullen's family and friends or the fact that wildcats are out of school more or less and free to Dead-Head-the team into chicago. However, Watching K-State Basketball at daddy o'pigglies has its benefits.
Wildcat fans love Basketball

Dry spice rubbed wings are Very Good.

Australian red wine assists.

Down the stretch comes a Big Phat RibEye.
Oh Yeah.
Samuels looking good.
Frank Martin looks the Same As Always; i wish i could do that.
I did just purchase a FFINE pair of little boots that look kind of like Frank's.
Spradling just made an Excellent pass-in.

Go go go little purple kitkats

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