Thursday, October 14, 2010

Manhattan's Paddy O'Quigley's Serves Up Some Good K-State-KU Football

The table full of K-State Coeds just yelled, "That shouldn't count!" "That's a basketball pass!"
KU Jayhawks have just made their deepest penetration into K-State territory yet, and
 a quick-thinking falling -down ku quarterback just managed a two-handed forward pass, leading to a tiny little excursion into the Red Zone.
HOWEVER,  a fumble leads to a quick turn-about, a kittykat scamper down the field, and another score! This makes it  45-0.

The crowd here is cracking up at the dour faces of the KU crowd, enormous on the giant tv screens on every wall of Daddy O'Pigglies, our favorite place to watch the games.
 (Clarion Hotel on Ft/ Riley Blvd.)
When you watch football on tv away from home,
you must pick a place that can offer several diversions to get you through 3 hours. You need a menu full of variety; you need competent waitresses- like Mary who is funny, ironic, clever, and can get you all flats in your order of dry spice rubbed wings--GOOD WINGS--and who wore her hair in some great long brown braids tonight.
You need a Fine Date or your good Friends and a rockin' crowd, a newspaper, and i've found it can be really fun to have the laptop and cameras running, just for good measure.
It's fun to watch Coach Snyder get angry after we score a touchdown. Keep pushing for excellence, coach...

Holey Moley, Another Score!

Th ksu momentum in this game started to build after a Wildcat (Harper) juked a jayhawk near the sideline in the first quarter. Our confidence seemed to increase and things just kept getting better.
I realized i was starting to relax, breathing a sigh of relief that we were balancing, overcoming (if not erasing) the
     crushing sadness of last week: HERE.
Oh yeah, we are going to beat KU.
   to send a snarky text to my sister in lawrence...
a good evening.
After a pregame conversation
of politics, morality, modern crime and the raging insanity of the Congo
with Jared, who manages the joint and takes care of us (and everyone),
we ordered the perfect wings; followed by some nachos and a variety of other tasty drinks and treats.

click pic to enlarge fineness
 The wild women at the next table look like they could be Collegiate Level Rowers: gorgeous, lanky, healthy and glowing, with shiny hair and sparkly eyes.
We like them.
We like the Starbuckstanistas who come to the Clarion to watch the game each week.
We like the fact that they ran out of corona tonight because that means it will be super-fresh tomorrow morning for breakfast-- oh wait! this is not the weekend.....
Work tomorrow.
k-state women cheer
at the moment.
5 minutes left to play.
Faces of the K-Staters at the game, grinning and glittery --enormous on the big screens all around us.
Check Please.
KU had 25 more plays than K-State tonight.
K-State Football: a solid game, a win over KU


for a little slide show of the wildcat table next to us, see the

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