Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Cardiac Cats Are Killing Me: Wildcat - Nebraska Football at the Manhattan Clarion

So we are sitting here in Daddy O'Pigglies feeling like Buccaneer fans in the early 90's. (If you think you are gonna want to eat, better do it in the first half, 'cuz yer gonna lose your appetite.)
I'm not quite there yet.
Shades of Sam Wyche.
 but the Guys at the table are.
One guy is ripping off his nicotine patch and coercing his friend to give him a smoke. there they go. out the door of the clarion.
says it will "soothe" him. Come'on, cats!
y'er makin him smoke!
Srsly, I'm looking at a guy who has a week head start on quitting smoking and the Cardiac Cats are taking that Nail and Pounding it into his heart.
 He is a  Well Respected Man

The Rockin K-State Wildcat fans are singing happy birthday to Coach Snyder. He must have a roller coaster of emotions:
1. He left a hall of fame "hero", and now that he came back,
Holy Moley if he "fails"--but that is a silly way to see it.

One walks one's walk.
      One does what one loves.
           One does one's best, and enjoys the journey.
     The garden i grow when i'm 90 or 19 is not NEAR as 'successful as the
one i grow when i'm40.)
 is not what is required, but Love and Honor.
satan was "success"ful. for a year or two.

2. Can he still reach the boys/men?
 I am becoming discouraged about this issue.
Coach Bill Snyder's heart was broken in Paradise Valley By E.R. just a few years ago, and he was one of the good guys, right?   more later... (see previous post of today...)
about honor, discipline, and conduct becoming a gentleman among the youth...

When Tony Dungy came to Tampa bay, the Bucs had tried.
Sam wyche was a good nice man, it appeared, but...
The papers ripped him apart. he was not the savior they had expected.
My grandmother sent me a note that said, "The papers have been writing of Sam Wyche. The Sports Writers are SO UNKIND!"
Bless her most kind heart.
When i was working in washington dc, a police officer was telling us about an abuse case.
he said,
This one little boy had been beaten by his mom so badly
that they wanted to move him back to his fathers house.
 the kid started crying in court.
 the judge asked the kid what was wrong.
 the kid says, my Father beats me too.
the judge takes him into Chambers, says,
"Kid, your mom beats you, your father beats you, where do you want to live?"
the kid says, tearfully,
"I wanna go  live with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they don't beat NObody..."

That was the same year that Baltimore (orioles) could not win a game.
They went longer than anyone, i think, without winning a game in the opening of the season. 20 or 22 games i think.
they said,
"It ain't over till the fat lady sings, but in Baltimore, she sings the national anthem!!!!"


Lou Holtz is talking.
our nationally televised game.
 although he coached  
quite "success"fullly
Notre Dame,
what HE says
is important,
parents to raise good kids and for each father to make sure that his kids know
How much He loves their mother.

another nebraska score.
this game had the potential to put k-state in a SUHweet position.
They have been lucky, coasting on some lucky waves.
I was thinking maybe that
 Confidence might be imparted to the players, they might play above their level, a biological change might occur so that they might play actually worthy of a ranking, after getting it. (Hey, shout out to adrienne leslie-toogood. you should be directing a major university athletic program --but you  know...)

DAG NAB IT!! another nebraska score.
more people are entering the clarion.
they ran out of medicating liquor at home.

 The police are out in force, hoping for a clean party after the game, methinks.

The SANE SART nurses might fear a call tonight.

I do.

Some People had to carry their pets out of the floods of new orleans
after the Hurricane.
This is Just A Lil Football Game.

K-State Wildcats not Scaring Nebraska Cornhuskers.


to feel better , see some KU pics here

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