Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rape in the Congo: A woman's body is "Worth Less than a Dead Rat"

From the KC Star: "Worth less than ‘a dead rat’
"Does the devil live in the Democratic Republic of Congo? It would appear so, judging by the heinous atrocities being committed against women in the east of that country.  Mass systematic rapes are being carried out seemingly by all elements involved in that country’s protracted conflict.
These include the government troops and the armed rebels fighting over the country’s lucrative mineral resources.
Almost 500 women were reportedly raped between July and August this year by armed rebels. Now, according to Margot Wallstrom, the United Nations’ special envoy on sexual violence against women in conflict, the government troops are also among those raping and killing women in remote villages in the Walikale region. There is a U.N. peacekeeping force of 18,000 based in that country that is supposed to protect civilians, yet these atrocities continue to happen.

Isn’t anyone in power angry and disgusted enough to act?

One of the women who had been raped in the Congo said: “a dead rat is worth more than the body of a woman.” The repeated violations, carried out with impunity, are staggering and should shame all humanity.

Nikiwe Bikitsha, Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

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What do you  know about Congo?

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