Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lots of Dogs Walking for the Cure for ALS in Kansas City: The Keith Worthington Chapter October 9, 2010

Rather than describe all the good cheer, love, respect, and energy of the day,
 i will just show the pictures.
Except to say: The hope and angst on faces of families
 who are where ours was, some years ago,
This is for you.   
Click each pic to enlarge

Walk for the Cure ALS Keith Worthington Chapter, kansas city 10 9 2010

Lucy Walking in Kansas City for ALS Cure

a fine wheaton at the walk for the cure: Keith Worthington Chapter in KC 2010

Could a dog be any cuter? Kansas City, ALs walk, 10-9-2010
Dogs walking for the ALS cure in Kansas City Saturday, 10-9-2010

Walking for the Cure ALS Kansas City
Roxy has tiny feet


Roxy Want

Our families Walking for the Cure: ALS

learn more:

Great Dane Walks in KC Keith Worthington Chapter for ALS CURE

This my Pack, here.

Git back in line der, buddy.

all the in-the- know dogs wear them...

This dog had a great story, some left my head. Badnemi?
African? His name relates to the moon, and this was a really fine dog...

Look at their cute little feet, walking so fine.

White Beauty Walking for the Cure for ALS in Kansas City 10-9-2010
Click Pics to see enlarged

um, did you check wit me mum first?

Kansas City Walk for the Cure 10-9-2010
ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease
Keith Worthington Chapter

Lucy Knows

I Stand like This for Photoshoots

Who can say No to me??

Little in a Big World

Let's Git to Walkin!

dude, this pavement is hot!

pick me up

The Walk for a Cure for ALS begins.

click on pic to enlarge cuteness

takin a break

Links to previous posts about ALS, see a pic of my Brother,  HERE.

Yeah, I walked it.

Lovely Lucy:

The night comes:

Loyal Dog Stories HERE.

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