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Riley County Domestic Violence Task Force Remembrance Event: October 1, 2010--Silent Witness

At the Riley County Courthouse in Manhattan Kansas, a group of people gathered to remember how we lost women, men, and children:
Lost to violence committed by those who should have loved them most.
Relational violence is mind-bending,
 as the Power to Hurt and Control others is used to temporarily assuage inferior feelings.
What a loss; how sad for us. To hurt those of our own species, our mates, our co-parents, our children.
Well, you can read about the personality style that does this HERE.  You can learn more about Domestic Violence HERE and HERE.

Here are some pictures of the Remembrance event; The Crisis Center Inc invited the Community to come.
After the pictures are some facts about this horrible crime. Here is a youtube video of one of the stark and moving readings of the event.
.: click the video twice to enlarge.
When someone says,
"WHY DOESN'T SHE JUST LEAVE HIM?" please tell them that
women DO leave, and are beaten and killed, along with their children, when they do.

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The Crisis Center Inc Prepares for the Event

Lost to Violence

Speakers Prepare to Read the Crimes.
Detective Darla King became visibly moved
as she read of the loss of a law enforcement officer.

Riley County Courthouse

Judy Davis, Director of the Crisis Center Inc

A K-State Student

A male silouette marks the loss of a law enforcement officer

Why Doesn't she just Leave Him?

Our own Captain Don Stubbings, K-State Police

The Riley County Courthouse.
 Perhaps there would have been hundreds of people to mark the memory of those lost if this issue was more highly discussed in the media and lindsay lohan's exploits were left to her parents to discuss.
Among those attending the event were the SANE SART nurses, the mayor, members of the Flint Hills Sexual Assault Coalition, the county attorney, and the leaders of the RCPD, along with K-State Police, students from the K-State Women's Center, and others.

The Crisis Center Inc website is HERE.

October Is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The Silent Witnesses remind us that domestic violence – always harmful – is often lethal.
In Kansas, intimate partner homicides constituted
· 17 % of all homicides in 2004
· 11 % of all homicides in 2005
· 9 % of all homicides in 2006
· 10.5 % of all homicides in 2007
· 8.6 % of all homicides in 2008

From 1866 - 2007, 241 Kansas Law Enforcement Officers lost their lives in the line of duty. Fifteen of those officers were killed while intervening in domestic violence cases.
The Riley County Domestic Violence Task Force was formed late in 1995 to develop and sustain a coordinated, community-wide response to domestic violence. Task Force members are: Sunflower CASA, Crisis Center, Inc., Ft. Riley Family Advocacy Program, Pawnee Mental Services, Riley County Attorney, Riley County Court Services, Riley County Police Department, SRS, and Stepping Stones Child Advocacy Center.

For victims of sexual and domestic violence, the Crisis Center provides free, confidential assistance, 24-hours a day. If you or someone you know needs help, please call 1-800-727-2785.
Friday, October 1st  12:00 p.m.  Riley County Courthouse Plaza

We will unveil the silhouettes and share the stories of a dozen Kansas victims of domestic homicide, including members of our regional community.

Riley County Domestic Violence Task Force
A Project of the Crisis Center, Inc.

Task Force members include representatives from:
CASA, Crisis Center, Inc., Ft. Riley Family Advocacy Program, KSU Family Center, KSU Police Department, Mercy Hospital, Pawnee Mental Health, Riley County Attorney, Riley County Court Service, Riley County Police Department, SRS, Stepping Stones Child Advocacy Center, Community Members

For more information about the Silent Witness Program, please visit

More info regarding domestic violence:

watch the oscar-winning film,  DEFENDING OUR LIVES if you ever can.

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