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A Message from St Michael the Archangel?

translated from Spanish

First Mystery Speak San Miguel Arcángel:

 Remember us, the Angelic Hosts, invoke us when you believe you are lost, we are with you, it is our task at this moment, to protect the souls that want to return to the Kingdom of Heaven .

Yes, my little ones, certainly, I am to serve Our God in His Most Holy Trinity and, also, to serve you all, all created souls.

I, being the primary Archangel who protects you and who is at the service of Our God, I can also take you to His Sacred Heart.

Angels were created to serve Our God in His Most Holy Trinity, but not only for this, my little ones, but to love Him, love Him intensely, because we are Pure Spirits and from there, that our power of Love is immense. You, still, for the body that you possess, your soul can not love and serve Our God as you would like, which you can do when you are, already, in the Kingdom of Heaven, when your soul, purified and can enter to enjoy of 
what Our God Jesus Christ accomplished for you,
 to open the Gates of Heaven that were closed.

In the history of Creation, there have been multiple occasions in which we defend, what we have created.

You remember, only, the Great Battle, in which I defeated Luzbella, but he, already turned into a demon, from that moment in which he opposed to continue loving and serving Our God, has tried to destroy everything created and especially the souls of the children of Our God.

Therefore, we, in Heaven: Angels, Archangels, Dominations, Powers, etc., certainly have each of us a task to fulfill, but in addition, we take care of you continuously against satanic attacks, because within the ranks of satan, There are angels of all denominations and you are too small to be able to fight against so much satanic, negative force against you.

You yourselves leave the doors open to satan so that he attacks you and easily overcomes you, because you have turned away from prayer, from the life of Grace, of Love, which you can only obtain from Our God.

The deceits of satan are tremendous, you do not realize their power against you and, on the other hand, you do not want to listen to the warnings of Our God and of the Virgin, the Ever Virgin Mary, our Queen. You are constantly being warned that satan deceives you, leads you through bad, negative ways that make you lose Grace and, above all, separate you from Love. You have been told that Love is the Divine Essence and in His Kingdom, only Love lives among souls.

Satan knows perfectly what Heaven is, knows the joy that exists there and all the spiritual gifts and abilities that the soul will recover when it reaches the Kingdom of Heaven and that is its great envy, not being able to be there anymore.

It attacks you continually, it lies to you, it diverts you from the Truth and you believe everything it tells you and, little by little, you go, you, losing your right to return to the Kingdom of Heaven, where you came from.

Your evil has increased considerably and you yourselves do not do much to try to recover all that spiritual life you must have to fulfill your mission on Earth and be able to return to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Foolishly you have turned away from the celestial beauties and not because you stand helpless, as many of you say, not ! , Our God does not look away from you at any time, continuously, caring for your body and your soul. But you, foolishly and arrogantly, withdraw from His cares.

You are seeing how the World is being handled in these moments, and I want to ask you something: Are your lives, your World, being handled with Virtue and with Love? Do you have a close relationship with souls, as if to help you? one another, right?

Do you love one another as My Lord and My God, Jesus Christ, asked you? No, my little ones and so I could ask you so many things, in which you should live, to be an example of Virtue and Love, but that is what is lacking in you, in the relationships of one with the other and mainly in the relationship of your God, in His Most Holy Trinity, with you.

If you have left Grace, if you have allowed yourselves to be handled by satan, what are you complaining about? If you have not put your part to stop the powers of satan, for not living in Grace, which can only come from Our God, what do you complain about?

 If you are not living in the Virtues and in everything that can make you grow for eternal life, what are you complaining about?

You have let satan into the World. Certainly, the Original Sin caused it, but you have separated yourself from the life of prayer, from the fulfillment of the Commandments that were given to you and, above all, from the action of loving one another, to take care of oneself to the others of satan's attacks, and you do not.

What do you expect, then? What is all right, when you are working in evil?

You are seeing the governments of the Earth, are they watching for you? They cause wars, cause famines, persecutions, cause you so much pain, only see for your personal interests and what do you do ?, you only get angry, you speak ill of them, but you do not use Wisdom or intelligence, to be able to overcome all that evil that surrounds you and that is annihilating you.

Do you join in groups and pray? Do you do penances, fasts, to potentiate your prayer and thus be able to overcome the forces of satan? No, my little ones, you do not do it, then, what do you complain about?

 If you want to build a house, you have to work. You give in full to be able to build and enjoy the end of the construction, where you put all your effort, all your love, your taste, because you were thinking of a final goal that would please you and your family; but, now, you are not even defending something that is bigger than a house, and that is, your soul.

You have put aside all that can make you grow and, as you grow up, be able to help your brothers and you, thus, win the Kingdom of Heaven. But you do not give due importance to the growth of your soul.

You prefer to use other ways to achieve the goods of the Earth and to have a good time, when you should be fulfilling your spiritual mission.

You allow yourselves to be manipulated by satan, making you believe that you need much of the World and you steal from one another; you kill, in order to obtain what you did not work. Certainly, those who live a spiritual life, continually ask us for help, these souls receive heavenly help and that is when we enter into action, directly, towards a soul. We are constantly defending you against the forces of satan, which most of you do not see, nor do you realize, because, at all times, the satanic forces are giving you an infinite number of obstacles to turn you away from the Grace of Our God and, above all, for you to lose the Faith in which you have a True God, a God who loves you Infinitely and who forgets that a God gave Himself for you and poured out the last Drop of His Blood for your salvation.

That satan is dedicated, mainly, to you forgetting what your God, in His Most Holy Trinity has done, is doing and will do for you.

Your God never forgets you and you complain about it when it goes badly for you; The first thing that comes out of you is to say that your God no longer helps you, he does not listen to you anymore.

What fools you are, my little ones! When you perfectly understand the Love that is given to each of you in the Kingdom of Heaven, you will be immensely ashamed of not having appreciated so much Love that is poured out for each one of you, for each of you!


You were created by Our God to live in the Good, to enjoy the Good and the perfect, that only Our God can create and you prefer to live in the imperfect, in the lie, in the error, in the falsehood. You prefer to live in the dark, in the lies that you tell each other, in order to get what you want and that, most of the time, is sinful.

You live in great corruption and you see it normal in your life, when that leads you to greater sins. You Do not try to fight against yourselves, to prevent that evil from entering into you, destroying, little by little, all your spirituality.

And this is how satan works, does not ask you to do bad things, that can be seen, that can be noticed, but that leads you, little by little, to do bad things, in which you yourselves do not realize them and so you accept, in your life, those deviations and when you realize where it took you, the vast majority of you can no longer change and try to live in the Good, because of shame, so bad that you have done to your around.

Satan knows each of you perfectly, by your actions, by your words, by your actions, against God Himself, and against your brothers.

And that's where we, the Angels, enter, especially when you ask for our help and, generally, you remember Heaven, asking for desperate help when you are in dead ends and almost on the verge of suicide.

What fools you are, my little ones! Having an Almighty, Omnipresent God, a Creator God, a Savior God, a God who watches over you at all times, and you allow yourselves to be guided by a fallen angel.

There is no point of comparison, satan is a fallen angel and you put aside a God who loves you so much, who only wants your good and your spiritual growth so that you reach your perfection and can easily enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Instead, you pay attention to a fallen angel who only leads you to sin, to evil, to your spiritual destruction, to the destruction of everything that Our God created for your good, in that material World in which you are, but above all, that seeks your good and your spiritual growth, which has some Powers, that clearly, satan does not allow you to know them, because you would easily defeat him and, the main power, is Humility.

If you realize, my little ones, that's where your spiritual fall begins. The arrogance, he fell, satan fell for pride and he, despite having the powers he had, fell into pride. You, who do not have that spiritual life that he had, very easily fall, and fall because you move away from the Source of Life that emanates from Our God, in His Sacrosanct Trinity. You move away from the One who can protect and grow if you ask.

Satan deviates you with his lies and promises and you know perfectly well, that everything that comes from Our God, requires a specific time and a job and, at times, that work is difficult, painful, but, in the end, you enjoy it, so My Lord and my God, Jesus Christ, said that the entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven is a narrow door and the difficult path, stony and thorny, but, for this, you must trust in His Grace and His Love.

Even if you fall, He will raise you up, if you are attacked strongly, He will protect you, but you must go forward, do not let yourselves be defeated, He will always be at your side.

And this I tell you, my little ones, because you are living moments of great change in the history of Creation, and Creation is what you can see and what you can not see in your World and in the entire Universe. Everything has to change for good, there will be a lot of pain, but also, a lot of Love will be poured out on those who love Our God and Lord.

Certainly, we, all the Angelic Hosts, are taking care of you, we are protecting you, have full confidence in what Our God and Lord has dictated for these moments in the history of mankind. Fill yourselves with His Love, be obedient to His Will, enjoy these moments, where you are promising a radical change, very good, for those who have learned to love, and very bad for those who chose the path of satan.

Remember us, the Angelic Hosts, invoke us when you believe you are lost, we are with you, it is our task at this moment, to protect the souls that want to return to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Love of Our God, in His Most Holy Trinity, is great, it is beautiful, it is beautiful, trust, My little ones, that soon will come this great change that you yourself already feel that is approaching. Trust, all of Heaven is protecting you, but above all, the Love of Our God and Lord in His Most Holy Trinity.

Thank you, My little ones.


The vision of Pope Leo, the 100 years of satan, and the St. Michael prayer





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