Sunday, July 3, 2011

Political Heat for Independence Day

Ya'll know i like all political humor. even the kind my friends say will provoke violence!
 (here and recent here).
(because i don't think a picture or Video can make SOMEONE THROW THEIR GRANDMOTHER OFF A CLIFF... grandmotherhaters!
Was watching a special,
russian citizens being interviewed on the change in ussr over the past generation,
  FASCINATING to see how those without freedom react to it, they had finally come to grips that Stalin was Bad,
but were still grappling with the Lenin thiingy..

in light of the
 TSA debacle (HERE and HERE)
i want to put up a couple of pics i recently snatched
for the Holiday...

Sir, we are closing the National Parks
 in order to pay our
millions of federalgovernment employees
enough money to purchase private jets.

However, your children are FREE.
video games

research here?


the wine for the weekend:


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