Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Debt Ceiling Sunrise; Vultures and Crows in the Heartland are Good

For some reason, political sausage making is on my MIND. The pets woke me early to this:  A Debt Ceiling Sunrise

Whether in the parking lot
at menards or on the roads of the flint hills,
the birds of kansas seemed to be mocking the silliness of humans. Projection? Yes.

Although i have some nice Vultures (e.g., HERE and HERE and here and HERE) today i got up close enough to grab a kiss.
Can i help you?
curious vulture CLICK TO ENLARGE
vulture face detail
--to get this close,
dangle a house or senate plan for fiscal responsibility--
the dead- on- arrival- stench will attract the bird...

kansas turkey vulture
posing for the dollar bill

got any carry-on?  bedumdum

The pics are large files although i reduced many, from a
canon sx30powershotIS.
feel free to click on pic to print or view very large.
my vulture Videos HERE:  /vultures-can-dance-in-kansa-wind.html
The CROW was alone
        and black against the hot hot parking lot.

walking on the Debt Ceiling

more debt ceiling vultures HERE

That's all for now. Might hibernate for a few...

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