Friday, August 28, 2009

vultures and light

This job--
to keep things clean and pretty.
Full of death and decay.
Eating corruption.
The face
of a vulture is red and seems sad.
I see them near my home, working hard.
What grace must Fill them!
Doing the work that never ends.
 Doing the work no one speaks of
like my beautiful grandmothers.
Like your beautiful grandmothers.
No pretty Golden Beaks, no Snowy White headfeathers.
No eating food Alive.
The sad eyes are not really the eyes.
The humble face on the regal body
humbles me.

more vultures close ups HERE and HERE and HERE and also HERE

quit complaining oh you thought i'd be pretty if i had head feathers and a yellow beak and ate my food ALIVE? (that's actually kind of cruel, eh?doing the work i was created for. taking care of this task is humbling.

vultures by mary todd

by mary todd

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by mary todd

by mary todd


  1. why do the pics not come up inforefox?
    when i use explorer i can see the enlargements fine.

  2. in a way, they are like the angels, cleaning up after...

  3. These birds have always fascinated me. They've nested nearby all the years I've been here. Love to watch them drift on the air currants. Had one in the yard on 2 different ooccassions last summer which was strange.