Friday, August 28, 2009

Good and Evil

Good and Evil exist, i have no doubts,
and no matter their Names, are purely
what even a child knows they are.
Why i was unable to sleep last night: 
the story   (here is one news story

of an 11-year old Girl,
on her way to fifth grade, who was abducted by a registered sex offender.
This happened EIGHTEEN years ago.
She lived locked in the hidden back yard of the couple who abducted her, and at age 14 began to bear her abductor's children.
Now 29 years old, she has been found.
The story is so unbearably sad  [even with its "happy" ending that the Cheshire press insanely profess]
one is hard pressed not to run to the top of the nearest mountain and cry and beg with every bit of strength ,"Please, Almighty God Come this minute and Stop this Evil!

   [Wendy Murphy, the Lawyer we all want to be, a great columnist and topnotch women's legal advocate, is the perfect source for those who want to read more about sex offenders, the offenders' registry, and the legal problems in this area. (Read her book, And Justice for Some) Remember the case where the Rape Crime Victim was not allowed to say the word "rape" in court at the TRIAL? Wendy Murphy can tell you all about that case, many more, etc

These horrific crimes happen here and there every day and often go unnoticed and without justice.
We are actually Reaping what we have Sown. More on that later.

As H.D.Thoreau said to Emerson, (who had asked him, when Thoreau was jailed for refusing to pay his taxes on principle, "Henry, what are you doing in there!?)--"Emerson, what are you doing out there??"

Please get involved
 in any way in stopping these hideous evil behaviors
the sick or sad or pathetic or diabolical spirits of those who fall
the lifting up of those who were stolen.
So we can all get some sleep,
Fu'cryin Out LOUD!

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