Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting Away with It: Phillip Garrido (Addendum ABC news)

(July  2011
The Maddening subject of criminals who seem to escape justice after they violate, steal, hurt and traumatize Women and Children is one i will be reporting on and providing the research for you to see.
The recent case of  Phillip Garrido, the man who kidnapped and then created a life of hell
for Jaycee Lee Dugard is a mind-bending starting point.

First reports are that he was arrested decades ago
when a police officer noticed a broken lock or light on in a storage shed; after pounding and pounding on the door, Garrido opened the door, a nude woman ran out, and the interior looked like a pornographic nightmare. Garrido was sentenced to 20 years but was released after 10 years.

We know this type of disordered criminal
 does NOT "get better" so why the early release?
Sociopathic Individuals: HERE
I hope to speak with Wendy Murphy about this case and would like to report her insights.)
In the meantime, i am interested in your thoughts on this case.  i will post some information about the (LOW to nonexistent) arrest rates, convictions, and prison time served by these child abusers.
Please send prayers, healing thoughts, beautiful vibes,--whatever you've got--to a little girl, now a woman, who started giving birth as a kidnapped young teenager in a back yard, imprisoned by a maniac for 18 years!

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  1. Hello,

    With the help of another K-stater, we are attempting to put together a philanthropic event for next year in order to help those whose lives have been victimized by abusers. I would appreciate any advice, information about getting help, or facts that we can use to help prevent future victims.