Monday, August 31, 2009

The Last Day of August: Neanderthals, Targets and Risk Reduction

like trauma passes yet stays with us.
Here's one thing: everyone on the scene wants to talk about Lowering Risk Factors.
that is,
"How to not be a Target for insane evil selfish nasty wicked thuggy neanderthal acts of violence."
"How to lower Your chance to be the One treated in such an inhumane and gut-wrenching way that No One willl want to talk about it in Public."
(in any decade)
tell me
can we talk about
Finding and treating or Boxing up those who
continue to
hurt maim steal kill rape
when can we talk about
Raising the Risk
of getting caught
of getting convicted
of getting justice and
some peace
Every Rapist is a Serial Rapist
Fu'cryin Out Loud!

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