Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Most Distasteful Find, an Enourmous Rat, Monty Python's Philosophy and Buddhism

I vaguely remember admonitions from the buddhist days,
when friends would say,
"meditate on the rotting corpse!"
ostensibly until
 the aversion leaves, or
 the appreciation for that which is not physical
or the cycle of oneness and life presents itself.

I've read where Theraveda Buddhism celebrates the revolting, in order to transcend that which is perishable:

"Buddaghosa stated 
(Path of Purification)  that staring at a bloated corpse will be particularly useful to me if I'm feeling overly attached and arrogant about the shape and morphology of my body."

I have one pet who must be a paradox.
He enjoys the birds, and will sit and watch the wrens and finches
(casting guilty looks at me
from time to time as the instinct to eat one takes hold of him, then passes.

This winter, a large bird was downed in the field.
But when Chili approached,
he found
He was no Buddhist.

A quite distasteful find,
in fact,
it seemed, from his
face and feet.

the Rat So Enourmous i give it an extra letter
did not seem to bother him so much.
In fact,
i must share it with you
because it was shared with me as a gift!
Don't look
if you don't want to.
(Or, if you are a Catholic, Look at it and then Offer Up your pain...
but i will end with a very pretty picture with which to cleanse your palate!

This post is to prepare you for the next,
Terrible and Strange Post

Here we go:
The Yard Gnome is not disturbed

Disemboweled rat with army man to size

Here is something truly lovely:

Hey Good Girl!

click any pic to enlarge.... ya sick twisted freak.


warning :
heavy videos are at
part 2 here:

do not watch without a clear mind.


  1. thank you for the NCIS 12/17/13 song!

    1. You are very welcome!
      And that is a fine canine you have there...