Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hire Four Million to Secure the Border: Two Birds, One Stone

Think Big, Prez. Obama— A New Frontier: Exploring the Nation’s Borders
Two Birds, One Stone: Hire 4 Million
to Secure the Nation’s Border
(You can Call it the
Civilian Conservation Corps,
or Citizen Border Care)

No weapons out, nothing illegal in.
No more murders of ranchers. No more fear among border citizens.

No more evil coyotes trafficking in humans. No more desperate people, including children, treated in tortuous and barbaric fashion for money.

No Al-Qaeda dressed like Mexicans in, no aggrieved ex-spouses grabbing a kid and Heading South.

Harness the wind and solar energy there.

Establish a beautifying and history-preserving border; perhaps even a “Border Trail” that North Americans, South Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Kansans, Cubans can explore in group expeditions. Establish small venues of pure space, areas of silence for Meditative Retreats. Telescopes. Star-watching Centers.

Instead of Ironman Competition, a Sand Man or Red Mud Rio Marathon.

Increase the number of entry points into the U.S. Promote short work or vacation excursions, allow folks to sign up for artistic jaunts between countries in a new hassle-free way through U.S. Welcome and Security Centers that connect the Border Trail.
Provide a system of care for any and all coming for political asylum. We will take your tired and poor.

Someone needs to. Put everyone to work assembling some packages for the folks in Pakistan; make sure there is a big red white and blue flag on every package to promote some good will. We need it.
Every unemployed carpenter, electrician, drywaller and ditch digger in the country is given work in building a connective structure of spaces, communications, byways, energy collectors and resource/research observation (like the Flint Hills Prairie Research centers in Manhattan Kansas).
Every unemployed police officer, security guard, nurse, counselor, aid worker, cafeteria worker, mural painter, waitress, horticulturist, planner, architect, blues singer, garden-maker.
Every family who wants to foster/partner in care for incoming families. Every scientist, every artist, every earnest, focused individual who wants to contribute to a new way.

Instead of a Wall, build a Border.
Turn a debit into a credit.
Shake out your brain and find some imaginative fun.

Like the Border of Flowers that accentuates your bushes.

Like the border of roses entwined delicately around the edges of the Good China.

(The border of cute puppies and kittens in your Vet’s waiting room.)
The beautiful borders of a good day: a kiss to begin and end, the sun’s hello and goodbye.
Take your billions and trillions in stimulus moneys and quit giving it to the greedy thieving fat connected cats.
Do something Crazy and unheard of.
(Call me for more details.)
Your tax-paying friend,
A Woman in Kansas
A quick note to the President


  1. heh heh heh good one

  2. Well maybe you are being facetious but the idea of going big is what needs to happen, I agree. and if you take 300 billion dollars away from useless graft and corruption, you could actually do something big

  3. WEll yes, this post is a bit of hyperbole. I know that dreaming is easier than implementing. My point is, we need to shake off the paradigms that bind us. We need to think big. I have at least 2 enourmous ideas a day, don't you?
    When we have 2 serious problems- unemployment and border security, which most agree are beyond anything we've seen in recent history, we cannot just use little ideas. I am a big believer in turning debits into credits.