Monday, August 2, 2010

The Song of the Sociopath

I am writing the third
 and fourth verses of the Song of the Sociopath.
Those of you who have talked with me about this, send me the insanely mindblasting "lines" that were actually used in real life to seduce you.
If you have not yet read up on this ever-growing disorder of the human soul, start here: sociopath part 1 of 8
or go to the relationships summary HERE.
it is monday.
on this puppy to keep your thoughts right.

How long since a human looked at you like this!?

I love you, man.

even though i am a "coton de tulear" am i still a good girl?

here is an altered photo from my friend in western kansas. she IS a good girl for this shot-my pores have disappeared--and that really is the most important thing, no??

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