Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why Some Kansas Students Fail to Achieve Excellence

Hey, whether you are from KU or K-State:
A picture is worth many words:

Why some  K-state students have trouble the first semester

Don't do it! Bad Dog

Trusting those who aren't real

brain functioning deliberately impaired

Dude, check out the homepage and stay on track!

bad dancing
excercising too hard

eating junk food

starting fights

Listen to your Best Self

very unattractive
but at least her UHGs match her vomit can

r u sure you should be in college?

number one predator drug click to enlarge

count your blessings: you are not out looking for cholera-free water to give your starving infants.
you have a top notch library, rec/spa, air conditioning, transportation and Toilet Paper!

Get in touch with your Best Self!

Willeigh Lightshock

I love you snorkel cat. and your little fins too.


  1. kitties give the best advice :)

  2. wow, smirnoff is really taking chances telling the truth like that.

  3. I love snorkel cat too.