Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life in the Yard: Sphinx or Hawk Moths and a 7-inch Probiscus!

Certain flowers attract these "hummingbird moths" as many call them;
a large bank of 4 o'clocks in my yard is perfect.
They have VERY long Probisci- you may think, why don't they land and drink- but they are drinking; the drinking apparatus is so long they do not land.
HERE is a video i took a year ago of one with what must have been a 7 inch probiscus. (embedded below)
Here is a recent video of several at once; here is a close up.

Sphinx moth at night

Gardening page info on these moths HERE
Sphinx moth by J.e.todd  unretouched
This is a pic my mother took may years ago of a sphinx on a screen. Way Cool!

7-inch Probiscus!

Several at once

close up

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