Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jackie Evancho: Remarkable Voice on a silly show

Ten-year-old Jackie Evancho sang her way to instant stardom last night. (read and listen: (Here)  I was passing a television and saw this performance. I kept walking, then stopped and came back. Holy Moley!
The idea of teaching a child how to sing opera- using the Pipes, literally, to sing with a big voice, is probably not that common. Or wasn't.
I think children can learn to do most things very well; we do not give them enough credit. Some folks do not treat their children as being as smart as a dog, so the kids act poorly.

It was this child's normal
sweet face and
very nice, modest, interaction which charmed me the most.
God Bless her.
Here it is:  click here

Freakishly Beautiful Voice! 

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