Saturday, August 14, 2010

K-State Manhattan Storm Damage Friday 13th of August (update)

Pictures and Videos show that we lost some very beautiful and stately trees last night. Sadness.
       Video of the sky HERE.
I was in East Dillons around 4:30 and the store went Pitch Black. After jokes about playing Supermarket Sweep in the Dark,We were told to go into the cooler or leave so i left.
It was windy and wild outside. Twisted metal cart holders, dang, i had not been in the store 15 minutes and when i came out it was like a tornado had come through. I took some photos of the semi-truck down, and filmed a clip of the wind.
The saddest thing on campus this morning, besides the loss of trees, was the number of birds walking around. Strange. And the wind killed some birds. The last photo of a bird is hard to look at, do not look if your cup is already brimming over...  Here are some photos (click on pics to enlarge) and
links at bottom of page to some (not dramatic) video.

(I added three pics of the huge tree in front of St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Poyntz- what a sight up close)

Storm sky aftermath around 8 pm Friday the 13th 2010
by mtodd

overturned semi click to enlarge

beautiful tree in front of St. Paul's on Poyntz

st.paul's episcopal on poyntz
uprooted trees everywhere

Campus Wall along Manhattan Avenue Crushed

after the storm

this tree was HUMONGOUS

just wind
The Field by the President's House

Click to enlarge  storm aftermath sky

Sadness- this tall tree is the one that crushed the Campus wall along Manhattan Avenue


st. paul's- click to enlarge

Just east of town afterwards


A note:
 you and i know or are related to people all over our country and the world
who are battling really terrible and almost overwhelming adversity.
It is very hard. I believe that our troubles bring us closer to our best selves.
We get lost in our illusions of what is important and those who have been through disaster
always say they are the better for it.
I say this because i want to give a spiritual quote,
which elucidates the Reason i can bear the final picture which i will post.
The final picture below, simply: a bird lost.
Sad, and although i know the bird
almost assuredly did not suffer,
it is a reminder of our imminent mortality.

What is the price of two sparrows--one copper coin?
But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.

Witnesses throughout history
exclaim that the one attribute of the
Father, the Mother the Source, Creation, of Life,
 is Goodness. Rest Easy little feathered friend.

And the next day,

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