Monday, August 2, 2010

Laying the Perfect Trap

I do not have to catch or trap my food, other than to select the BEST one from the giant pile of choice that is usually in front of me.
Looking out the bathroom window this morning, i semi-conciously thought there was the reflection of a CD in the window.
I thought, but why would a CD be suspended somewhere in the bathroom? Doy.
I looked at the "reflection" again, and found that the spiders outside must have been up really late to make 2 perfect discs!
No, I do not get out much.     click to enlarge images. click the last photo twice for very large view.

Spider Disc

glad i'm not a fly

spider web poster
here's the spider:

i have 298 more photos let me know if need more....
perfect spider web

wren on a tiki

People who are never late for work just aren't paying attention!
here is a short video: 30 second youtube

OK UPDATE: I went out and found Spider Spinning a new web: here is a link to the videos: HERE

The spider weaves a sticky web

To capture bugs to eat.
What keeps the spider's sticky web
From sticking to her feet?
Spider webs are very tricky
Because not all the strands are sticky.
Unlike the passing hapless fly,
The spider knows which strands are dry.
But if she accidentally stands
Upon one of the sticky strands,
She still would not get stuck, you see--
Her oily body slides off free.
By : Amy Goldman Koss

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  1. so cool...I've never seen a web like that before.