Friday, January 24, 2014

longing to belong

I'm falling harder than I've
ever fell before
I'm falling fast while hoping
I'll land in your arms
'cause all my time is spent here
longing to belong
to you

I dream of circles perfect
eyes within your face
my heart's an open wound that
only you'd replace
and though the moon is rising
can't put your picture down
love can be frightening when you fall

And when the time is right, I
hope that you'll respond
like when the wind gets tired
the ocean becomes calm
I may be dreaming but I'm
longing to belong

to you


Thursday, January 23, 2014

What is ...Life?

Have you pondered the Big Questions yet?

Like, what is all this "Beingness" and
What is Life?

here is a  previous post that looks at the question of how we define ourselves as humans. That is, How do we manifest our humanness? What is the culture of ourselves we create?

The Bulls Fight Back: The Disgrace of Bullfighting
Here is a video of a bull at a bullfight, jumping into the crowds, causing panic.
It seems strange that
humans, families, want to watch a man (or sadly a woman) stick knives into a bull until it dies.
Putting the past aside, in our modern age it is a DISGRACE that this spectacle is popular.

On the Today Morning Scandal show, TodayShow a story was shown about a bull who managed to JUMP up into the stands and freak out the spectators.
the Actual video is (hopefully) here:

The Bull was apparently killed afterwards-- FOR NOT PLAYING FAIR!???

well that video seems to be lost-- but just google the phrase Bull jumps into stands or something similar and you can see for yourself.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

What are the ways forced dogfighting with Michael Vick is any different than forced bullfighting?

WHY do we want this activity to partly define us as humans?!

Why do we want to manifest ourselves in this way?

Animal Abuse and Sociopathy part 1 HERE

respect for animal life HERE

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is Human Life Sacred???

"Today marks the 41st anniversary of two Supreme Court decisions:  Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. Those decisions sparked a contentious debate between those who would deny legal protection for babies in the womb, and those who [contend] that those babies constitute “life” as understood throughout history and affirmed in our Declaration of Independence. ... [56 million babies since 1973 have been aborted in the USA.]

Roe v. Wade was the infamous case in which Norma McCorvey was used as a plaintiff overturn laws restricting abortion in Texas. A decision upholding Texas law was ultimately overturned on appeal by the Supreme Court, which found a heretofore unprecedented “right to privacy” in the so-called “due process clause” of the Fourteenth Amendment. The “Despotic Branch” divined from their “living constitution” that this right entitled a mother to end the life of her baby before its birth. Simultaneous with Roe v. Wade, in Doe v. Bolton, using the plaintiff Sandra Cano, the Supremes determined that any complaint – including headaches – could be used as grounds for requesting an abortion.

Since the decisions in those cases, both McCorvey and Cano have recanted their testimony. Norma McCorvey said plainly, “I think abortion's wrong. I think what I did with Roe v. Wade was wrong,” and she has stood by those words in the years since. from article

next i will post an alternate view.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Beautiful Bald Eagle Pictures from the Eagle Tree.

Driving by an old tree near my house i always hope for an outline or shadow too big to be a  hawk. Today,
 my heart beat faster
as the regal eye of a Bald Eagle caught mine.
I have read that making them take off (fly away) costs them a great deal of energy (food) and particularly after this freeze i did not want to risk annoying him/her into flight. So i drove slowly, with the window down, and took some shots quickly, including a little video.

These are big pics so click to view large.
[ By the way, if you "right click" a picture and select "open in new tab" then click the new tab pic again you can get the giant size picture.]
short video at bottom of this post.

Here is what i saw as i approached the tree: do you see it?

i left this very large for any who want a  big photo:


bald eagle smile:

Here's more pics of a Stunning Bald Eagle in the eagle tree- i have seen my pictures of this bird on an ad on tv for visiting kansas. I'm glad they liked it. although they never said thank you...

and some lesser photos and more raptors Here and HERE and here is a red tailed hawk juvenile and
 here is a large red tailed hawk eating

the eagle tree at sunrise

Not Prosecuting Rape: The Daisy Case (and how many others... every week?)

The Kansas City Star Editorial has some good points about The Rape of Daisy Coleman

Read it in full HERE

..."The prosecutor’s decision doesn’t diminish the appalling nature of what happened to two young girls who slipped out of one’s bedroom to meet up with a popular high school athlete and his friends in January 2012. Both girls, then ages 14 and 13, ended up in a hospital the next day. The older girl and her family, especially, faced harassment and bullying from people in town who supported the boys.

"The girl and her family were forced to relocate to another town, and their house in Maryville burned down from a cause never determined.

"Matthew Barnett pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment. He admitted to abandoning the 14-year-old girl outside her home in the cold after having sex with her at his home. He will not face jail time; he was given a four-month suspended sentence and probation.

..."In the case of the 13-year-old girl, a boy who was 15 at the time acknowledged having sex with the girl against her will. He served two weeks in the custody of Missouri’s Division of Youth Services and then returned home for treatment — another outcome that seems lenient.
A third young man was initially charged with felony sexual exploitation for allegedly videotaping a sexual encounter between Barnett and the 14-year-old girl. Prosecutors were unable to locate the recording, however.
In contrast to the prosecutor in Nodaway County, who developed an adversarial relationship with the 14-year-old victim and her mother, Baker made it clear that she thought the girl had been harmed. Baker said her task was to reach a resolution that gave the teenager and her family a sense of justice and enabled her to move on with her life.

Sadly, the victim, now 16, is in a hospital this week after a suicide attempt that her mother said was prompted by cruel postings on social media sites...

The Star Editorial ends with this statement:

"This is a troubling case that has upended a number of lives. The best thing now is to hope for and work toward healing. And parents might look at Maryville as a case study of all that can go wrong when young people underestimate the value of respect — for themselves and for others."

This is a sentiment i have been hearing and reading over and over, week after week, year after year. SPARE ME.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Rape of Daisy

"My mother told me she found me outside, left for dead, and when she heard me trying to get to the door, she thought it was a dog scratching. I was weak and could have died in the below freezing temperatures.
Next thing I knew, I was in the ER getting blood drawn and having various tests done. We all knew what had happened, we just wanted someone else to say it for us. The doctors examined the rape kit and verified that our nightmares were real. This nightmare, though, didn't end. It continued on for many long months. It was only later I learned that my best friend, a year younger than me, had been raped, too."

The Missouri teen at the center of the controversial "Nightmare In Maryville" rape case has revealed new details about the party she wishes never happened, the torment she suffered in her small town and the personal struggle that followed.

In a blog post published on XOJane, Daisy Coleman describes her mother finding her sprawled out on the front lawn, her hair in "icy chunks," and the painful visit to the hospital...

See, there is not enough evidence

 to charge the perp with rape 
because the plastered 14 year old was passed out 
and so cannot testify that she was raped.

And that my friends, is how we deal with rape.

details/ more on Daisy here is my first post

 and here and here

Melinda Coleman, right, said her family was harassed on social media sites and at school after going to the authorities, and that it forced the family to move back to Albany, about 40 miles west of Maryville.

Read more:

talk about rape:

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Culture is a Soup Thicke with Evil: Robin Thick thinks he’s a good-looking Simon Cowell or Satan? Probably just a minor demon.

[So unless you are
 a young man or woman who is in fact Just Barely a man or woman, that is, no longer a child, 
and you still have not yet gained full access to your brain power but have 
your hand in fact full throttle on an earlier, primary source of shall we say inspiration which drives your life –

You can see from the “number one” video (global) by Robin Thicke that
 Luciferians and the lost, the greedy and lascivious, those men who walk about stinking of territorial pissings and child molestations -- are who is running the show now.
from a young blogger:
Some “got this” after the Miley Cyrus Circus. Some “Got it” after Beyoncé and Rhianna’s nod to “great horned idol  Moloch…

But some “got it” 30 years ago that evil would lead their children down the sexy gardenpath to hell as fast as they let it—and felt helpless as they were forced to let it
as those in power ignored their pleas for decency, for common sense, for yes, purity.
Censorship! Bigot! Religious nut!
And as the gate was pushed open all sorts of dark creatures like the Uruk Hai slimed in.
No human judgments allowed. 
We are reduced to mathematical purity. Nothing can be banned. Nothing is wrong, 
Nothing is disallowed. Freedom of expression!
But then it changes. Actually, yes, some things must be disallowed. 
Some things are wrong. Some things must be banned.
No religion. No Jesus. In fact, no disagreeing with the party line. Banned from saying there are gender differences. Some are banned from saying they do not approve of homosexuality; some are banned from saying there was no holocaust;
 how long before one is banned from saying they do not approve of Miley’s  Child-abuse-masturbation porn?

or that We should not have
advertising to our children that he has a big dick (advertising a little too loudly, one thinkes…)
Censorship! Bigot! Religious nut! Every generation, every century, every day evil works to pull children from the Light.
Maybe you went through such a trial.

 Did you endure growing up in a broth of goodness with some bitter or evil images here and there? Or are you growing up in a soup thicke with evil, of greed and lust and vanity and envy prettied up to look like fame?

The Blurred Lines are blurred so we will not recognize the vapid, carnal, vile and Putrid manifestation of That which despises you..

what you look at
 a lot assimilates into you and suggests what you are like on the inside

Think about it.
as you walk about manifesting who you are

Manifesting yourself
into the Pool of the Planet.

was not passionatelydefended
in the
public square

as a Noble Right
(A sign of fresh clean
Glorious health)
Once did not
the majority of men
[its vile nature obvious
to men of honor,
Character, intelligence;

good-hearted men &
men who truly love
women ]

Men who truly loved women
 (and honor)

were abhorred by it
& Quickly turned away as if from a toxic

[with a prayer if a true Lion-hearted Man
 for all 
deceived by its malicious web]

Porn Once

did not have a nickname

A warm spot
in the hearts of our

favorite   tv    


the wolf has

prettied up

its wooly clothing,

calling all into the corral

and is ready to
shut the gate.

We are teaching our young men to be the very worst kind of superficial. You cannot say, Oh my son withstands all that—that’s like saying your broth on the stove can withstand the quart of salt I added to it. A mind once expanded can not return to its original dimensions, it’s true, and but that also means what has been seen cannot be unseen.

a young human is a terrible thing to waste.

The Culture is a Soup Thicke with Evil: Robin Thick thinks he’s a good-looking Simon Cowell or Satan? Probably just a minor demon.

porn poem

what will this soup produce?

story HERE

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Conjoined Grey Whale Calves: Fukushima Update

This is beyond sorrowful.
Data/Follow Fukushima radiation poisoning in the pacific and around the globe: Here and HERE

This story is truly heartbreaking.

Following continued news of disturbing sea life occurrences off the West Coast, scientists in Mexico’s Scammon’s Lagoon, also known as Laguna Ojo de Liebre, have discovered what appears to be the first ever documented case of conjoined gray whale calves.

"...Although no information has yet been released, concerns over the ongoing Fukushima disaster has many asking questions, especially in light of rare animal deaths spreading along the West Coast.

Incidences such as the ongoing “melting sea star” epidemic, which has been seen off the coast off California, Oregon, Washington and Canada, has yet to be explained as sea stars are found literally disintegrating.

Even with Japanese scientists finding “high” Cesium levels in plankton throughout the Pacific as far back as May 2013, governments continue to call the amounts safe.

A recent study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the number of dead sea creatures covering the floor of the Pacific is higher than it has ever been since monitoring began 24 years ago. Despite attempts by some to “debunk” the study and blame the occurrence on “global warming,” a closer look at the study clearly points to Fukushima as the most likely factor.

Following the Department of Health and Human Services’ purchase of 14 million doses of potassium iodide last week, many believe the federal government has begun preparing as the situation in Japan worsens.

Read more: