Thursday, January 23, 2014

What is ...Life?

Have you pondered the Big Questions yet?

Like, what is all this "Beingness" and
What is Life?

here is a  previous post that looks at the question of how we define ourselves as humans. That is, How do we manifest our humanness? What is the culture of ourselves we create?

The Bulls Fight Back: The Disgrace of Bullfighting
Here is a video of a bull at a bullfight, jumping into the crowds, causing panic.
It seems strange that
humans, families, want to watch a man (or sadly a woman) stick knives into a bull until it dies.
Putting the past aside, in our modern age it is a DISGRACE that this spectacle is popular.

On the Today Morning Scandal show, TodayShow a story was shown about a bull who managed to JUMP up into the stands and freak out the spectators.
the Actual video is (hopefully) here:

The Bull was apparently killed afterwards-- FOR NOT PLAYING FAIR!???

well that video seems to be lost-- but just google the phrase Bull jumps into stands or something similar and you can see for yourself.

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What are the ways forced dogfighting with Michael Vick is any different than forced bullfighting?

WHY do we want this activity to partly define us as humans?!

Why do we want to manifest ourselves in this way?

Animal Abuse and Sociopathy part 1 HERE

respect for animal life HERE

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  1. I assume this happend in Spain? I have to tell you I do not understand the appeal that puts both an otherwise defenselss animal and spectators in danger.

    Well you are not the only one who decries this and wants it banned. People have been trying to get rid of this practice for a while.

    In November 1567, Pope Pius V issued a papal bull titled De Salute Gregis and forbidding fighting of bulls and any other beasts as the voluntary risk to life endangered the soul of the combatants. But was recinded about 8 years later at the request of King Phillip II

    Bullfighting was introduced in Uruguay in 1776 by Spain and abolished by Uruguayan law in February 1912. Bullfighting was also introduced in Argentina by Spain, but after Argentina's independence, the event drastically diminished in popularity and was abolished in 1899 under law 2786.

    Now hunting and ranching is different, because this occurs because it provides food. But Bullfighting? Is just there for entertainment...and I must say it is sick...

    To answer your question is it any different then Dogfighting as in Micheal Vick: NO IT IS NOT!!!!!