Saturday, January 11, 2014

Beautiful Bald Eagle Pictures from the Eagle Tree.

Driving by an old tree near my house i always hope for an outline or shadow too big to be a  hawk. Today,
 my heart beat faster
as the regal eye of a Bald Eagle caught mine.
I have read that making them take off (fly away) costs them a great deal of energy (food) and particularly after this freeze i did not want to risk annoying him/her into flight. So i drove slowly, with the window down, and took some shots quickly, including a little video.

These are big pics so click to view large.
[ By the way, if you "right click" a picture and select "open in new tab" then click the new tab pic again you can get the giant size picture.]
short video at bottom of this post.

Here is what i saw as i approached the tree: do you see it?

i left this very large for any who want a  big photo:


bald eagle smile:

Here's more pics of a Stunning Bald Eagle in the eagle tree- i have seen my pictures of this bird on an ad on tv for visiting kansas. I'm glad they liked it. although they never said thank you...

and some lesser photos and more raptors Here and HERE and here is a red tailed hawk juvenile and
 here is a large red tailed hawk eating

the eagle tree at sunrise

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  1. You know, Visit Kansas cannot claim fair use for the photo....Just kidding, nice pictures though...