Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Culture is a Soup Thicke with Evil: Robin Thick thinks he’s a good-looking Simon Cowell or Satan? Probably just a minor demon.

[So unless you are
 a young man or woman who is in fact Just Barely a man or woman, that is, no longer a child, 
and you still have not yet gained full access to your brain power but have 
your hand in fact full throttle on an earlier, primary source of shall we say inspiration which drives your life –

You can see from the “number one” video (global) by Robin Thicke that
 Luciferians and the lost, the greedy and lascivious, those men who walk about stinking of territorial pissings and child molestations -- are who is running the show now.
from a young blogger:
Some “got this” after the Miley Cyrus Circus. Some “Got it” after Beyoncé and Rhianna’s nod to “great horned idol  Moloch…

But some “got it” 30 years ago that evil would lead their children down the sexy gardenpath to hell as fast as they let it—and felt helpless as they were forced to let it
as those in power ignored their pleas for decency, for common sense, for yes, purity.
Censorship! Bigot! Religious nut!
And as the gate was pushed open all sorts of dark creatures like the Uruk Hai slimed in.
No human judgments allowed. 
We are reduced to mathematical purity. Nothing can be banned. Nothing is wrong, 
Nothing is disallowed. Freedom of expression!
But then it changes. Actually, yes, some things must be disallowed. 
Some things are wrong. Some things must be banned.
No religion. No Jesus. In fact, no disagreeing with the party line. Banned from saying there are gender differences. Some are banned from saying they do not approve of homosexuality; some are banned from saying there was no holocaust;
 how long before one is banned from saying they do not approve of Miley’s  Child-abuse-masturbation porn?

or that We should not have
advertising to our children that he has a big dick (advertising a little too loudly, one thinkes…)
Censorship! Bigot! Religious nut! Every generation, every century, every day evil works to pull children from the Light.
Maybe you went through such a trial.

 Did you endure growing up in a broth of goodness with some bitter or evil images here and there? Or are you growing up in a soup thicke with evil, of greed and lust and vanity and envy prettied up to look like fame?

The Blurred Lines are blurred so we will not recognize the vapid, carnal, vile and Putrid manifestation of That which despises you..

what you look at
 a lot assimilates into you and suggests what you are like on the inside

Think about it.
as you walk about manifesting who you are

Manifesting yourself
into the Pool of the Planet.

was not passionatelydefended
in the
public square

as a Noble Right
(A sign of fresh clean
Glorious health)
Once did not
the majority of men
[its vile nature obvious
to men of honor,
Character, intelligence;

good-hearted men &
men who truly love
women ]

Men who truly loved women
 (and honor)

were abhorred by it
& Quickly turned away as if from a toxic

[with a prayer if a true Lion-hearted Man
 for all 
deceived by its malicious web]

Porn Once

did not have a nickname

A warm spot
in the hearts of our

favorite   tv    


the wolf has

prettied up

its wooly clothing,

calling all into the corral

and is ready to
shut the gate.

We are teaching our young men to be the very worst kind of superficial. You cannot say, Oh my son withstands all that—that’s like saying your broth on the stove can withstand the quart of salt I added to it. A mind once expanded can not return to its original dimensions, it’s true, and but that also means what has been seen cannot be unseen.

a young human is a terrible thing to waste.

The Culture is a Soup Thicke with Evil: Robin Thick thinks he’s a good-looking Simon Cowell or Satan? Probably just a minor demon.

porn poem

what will this soup produce?

story HERE


  1. Well, if he is a minor demon, better call in the Grey Knights for a purge...I know a 40k Reference I couldn't resist.

    Personally the Robin Thicke song, sounds like a Prince knock-off to me, but more onto the subject itself.

    I think what you are saying about Censorship, Religous Nuts a direct result of Polictical Correctness gone out of Control. Freedom of expression without the contraints of Morality, Ethics and how we view personal accountability..

    The Polictical Correct movement has caused our culture, indeed our society to forget what Morality and Ethics are..because after all, what gave us our foundation in Morality and Ethics is being consantly villified by certian past wrongs and/or atoricities, and because of that the whole thing must be wrong, therefor it changes our moral and ethical state of being, therefor changing how we view our personal accountabilty and starts the slippery slope of how we treat other human beings..

    You hit the point that young men are being taught to be the very worst kind of superficial, because of these type of video's and the overall message that these songs/videos parrots out. I agree. The Song and videos are just part of a greater narrative being put out there. I agree with you wholeheardly

    But I also think that women are being taught that they have no accountability and do not have to respect men as men. Or at least what Feminism tells them. Just look at the legal system. But I think you already know this..

  2. Totally agree with the above commenter.

  3. @CJ

    Why thank you..Thank you very much
    (*using my best Elvis Voice*)

  4. I think this gem of lyrics by an awesome group called Rush should dedicated to Mr Thicke:

    "All this machinery making modern music
    Can still be open-hearted
    Not so coldly charted it's really just
    A question of your honesty, yeah, your honesty"

    "One likes to believe in the freedom of music
    But glittering prizes and endless compromises
    Shatter the illusion of integrity, yeah"