Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweetest Fridays as Winter Arrives a Wee Bit Early: Eagles, Hawks and the Flint Hills

The big raptors are about today. Singly and in pairs, they sit atop poles or nestle down on a good treebranch.  at the bottom of this post i added a bald eagle perching a mile from my house. (click pic to enlarge.)  New Large Bald eagle click HERE

The flint hills
are cold,
alive with movement as everything-
the smallest mammals
  bald eagles
moves around, looking for lunch, getting dinner, find some straw,
get a drink, get eaten.
Those dang Meat-eating animals-
Animal-eating animals.
Thats what they are, they're just ANIMALS!
I wonder why they hate the planet...


I saw all kinds of big birds today: red-tailed hawks, giant brown hawks/or eagles with white bellies (although i'm sure that's not their stage name), a bald eagle, soaring, they're always soaring-some Giant Crows-
Vulture at Tuttle Creek Res
And all help themselves, as do the vultures, to a little Fast Food. [That's why Benny Franklin wanted the Wild Turkey instead of the carrion-eating Bald Eagle as the Country's Symbol-a Yechh factor of carrion eaters. although NOW we know them as Beauties}  click on pic to enlarge

bald eagle in the field last summer

two vultures over the lake last summer
The raptors are very touchy.
Even coming out to the porch casts a shadow that will provoke them to leave a perch or a catch instantly. I will have to sit in the truck as a blind someday.
I will get some boxes of granola bars and red wine for warmth, extra batteries, big blankets, select CDs,
and ponder the layout, park the truck
in the perfect spot and make like a duck hunter.

In all ways except the point.

Can We Try Hunting? by Mary Todd
Grow me to eat me,
or hunt me in the wild?

Would it be better to live a cloistered crowded life before being quickly slaughtered,
grown to eat, like a tomato,
[never would have been born if not for the market,]
live a Great Wild Migratory life and have the risk and tragedy of being shot out of the sky?

Why do some animals eat meat?
Do they GET to eat meat or do they Have to eat meat?
And the Human?

It is interesting to drive into town and see the Big Birds are here too, why not? (Not as touchy, though.) Go where dinner is.
One of three videos from 2 years ago of a Hawk eating in the Citay

I am leaving
to take some video at an overlook of theTallgrass Prairie, hearted in the Flint Hills.
I will update this post
with the film later.
and add some other raptor photos.
right now-

there is a small wind;
there is a hum or shiver or movement in everything in The Hills-
it seems like something should be captured--atmosphere so fresh and cyclic, or  .
It feels like a special day in the air, in the ground; the water is whiterusched frothyfrozen white. I could hardly complete the drive into town. Hoss was trying to go the other way...

Birdlight by mary todd
“I still believe that one day mankind will bow before the altars of God and be crowned triumphant over war and bloodshed, and nonviolent redemptive good will proclaim the rule of the land. "And the lion and the lamb shall lie down together and every man shall sit under his own vine and fig tree and none shall be afraid."

Martin Luther King Jr.

Bald Eagle sat for a while surveying. I di dnot bother it much; hoping it will come back to this tree when i have a better camera with me.

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