Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Be Grateful, Help Others, Chill out. Don't be mean, Don't be Racist, Don't be a Misogynist.

Here is a picture from the KC STAR of Shawn Spiwak, who has a different morning routine than most of us. Please click pic to enlarge and consider your place on the planet

Shawn Spiwak photo by Allison Long of KC Star
More HERE and from HERE : "Lineman Shawn Spiwak was working when he was hit by 7,200 volts of electricity by what was thought to have been a dead wire. ...electricity ran through his body, sparks flying from his chest. He fell backwards and was left dangling upside down from his safety harness. His arm had been burned through and through. There were entry and exit points left by the electricity.

In the same newpaper, was this Oliphant Cartoon. while he is often spot on hilarious, i found this racist and baiting. Is he calling the others in the drawing racists? President Obama is half white. I wonder why he is portrayed as a slave? Funnier if Obama had been portrayed as obama.
We all have our little or humongous crosses to bear.
Wea ll have our routines of what offends us,
what irritates us,
what makes us attack another.
But really, what if we all chilled out?
More things to ponder: (click on pic to enlarge)

Here is a scary cartoon by oliphant. don't know why it freaks me out.

Life in Haiti

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